47 Fabulous Things to Put on Your New England Bucket List!

What to do in New England, USA

1. Watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain in Maine.

Fun things to do in New England.
Sunrise over Frenchman Bay by Robbie Shade on Flickr.

This mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park will give you a glimpse of the first rays of light to visit the US’ east coast.  And it’s a great way to start my list of things you should be sure to do if you live in, or are visiting New England. But don’t leave right after the sun rises, spend the day hiking in this incredible US National Park right on the ocean. Read on to see what else Acadia has to offer.

2. Watch a lobster man hypnotize a lobster in Maine.

Hypnotized lobster in Maine

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20 thoughts on “47 Fabulous Things to Put on Your New England Bucket List!”

  1. I haven’t done a thorough trip through New England in more than 20 years. I’m on the quest to visit my last 10 states over the next year so this will help with my planning a whole bunch! thanks for that. Actually headed up to Rhode Island on Wednesday to check that one off.

  2. You had me at lobster – really an amazing list. My OH and I are thinking of visiting New England on our honey moon and you’ve perfectly summed up exactly why we should 😀

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome place to visit. I would enjoy a sleigh ride in the snow, and the wine trail for sure. I just love lighthouses too. How many are there? What do you mean by a lobster man ‘hypnotizing’ a lobster?Too funny.

  4. Wow! There are so many things to do! We’d love to go to Salem in October (we both wanted to do that when we were teenagers and fans of witches haha..), but also eat lots of lobsters and watch the man hypnotize a lobster!

  5. We stayed in Woodstock Vermont and agree it has to be one of the prettiest towns in the States. We loved touring that area for the covered bridges and stopping into the plethora of antique shops. We also toured up through Massachusetts and Maine. I would love to see more of this area.

  6. This is a great list and there is obviously plenty to do. I’ve traveled all over the US, but very little in the New England area. While there are lots of things I’d love to do and see on the list – visit Salem, tour the wine trail, go on a train ride – the one thing I keep going back to is the hypnotized lobster. I have to see ths!


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