Traveling with Kids in Central America

Exploring Belize with kids.

We got horrified reactions and lots of head shaking when we announced we were taking the children to Central America.  We were reminded of terrible events that made the news, a general lack of medical care, crime rates and culture shock.  We had the time of our lives (so far!) and definitely our best adventure … Read more

Your Best Adventure Yet: Cave Tubing in Belize

Cave tubing in Belize is an ideal adventures for your honeymoon Belize

This week’s best adventure yet takes place in a geological formation that I am sort of obsessed with- caves! Because of the limestone in this part of the world caves and cenotes abound. This is more of what I was trying to experience when I visited Belize, but you can read about how it didn’t … Read more

A Hare (Raising) Experience: My Crazy Adventure to Belize

Photo by Jono Hey Flickr
Photo from  Jono Hey Flickr

In my last post, Do you Travel Like a Tortoise or a Hare? I explored different travel styles, and my readers learned that I am definitely a travel hare. This style has brought about some great adventures, often involving my dad, who also travels like a hare. Although this trip brought a bit of danger, traveling this way has created some enjoyable experiences and has given us many excellent memories.

My parents have a timeshare in Cancun, Mexico, so it is a place that we have returned to for over 20 years. About 15 years ago, before it was feasible to do internet research while abroad, my dad and I had enough of lying on the beach and wanted some adventure. We considered Cuba but didn’t want to break the law, and the next closest interesting place was Belize. I had seen beautiful pictures in travel magazines, so we went in search of seeing those pics in real life. Fortunately, in our time in Mexico, we have come to know a local, Daniel, who serves as our driver if we want to leave the Cancun area. Daniel’s life doesn’t take him far from the Cancun area, and he did not know anything about Belize. The only city he had heard of was Belize City, so that is where we headed.  My whole family at the time, my mom and dad, my husband and myself, my brother and his 2-year old son, set off in a van with Daniel and headed off to what we thought looked like this…

Read more

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