An Italian Surprise: The Town of Maratea, Italy and its Christ the Redeemer Statue

How to see Italy's Christ the Redeemer statue

Did you know there is a gigantic (70 feet tall) Christ the Redeemer Statue in Italy looming over the Tyrrhenian Sea? After our road trip through Puglia and a wonderous stop in Matera, our host pointed us to the seaside town of Maratea. The town was mainly closed when we visited in March, but our … Read more

A Puglia Road Trip: One Week in Puglia, Italy

7 day Puglia Itinerary

I set off in March with my father and two teen boys for a visit to a lesser-traveled area of Italy, Puglia. I was delighted by the seaside limestone towns with castles, churches, and the remnants of walls along white cliffs and intriguing inland villages carved into mountains or perched atop seemingly unending olive groves. … Read more

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