Kayaking in Sanibel Island

Best Kayaking Trips in the USA

Kayaking is an excellent way to slow down, appreciate the details of nature around you, and get some exercise. The United States and its territories are diverse, with slotted canyons,…

Maui Rainbows

A 9-Day Trip to Maui

My family took a trip to Hawaii for spring break in 2021. It was our first time visiting the state of Hawaii. We had 11 days to visit Hawaii from…

View of Palm Springs Mountains

A Day Trip to Palm Springs

Today I have a guest post by my sweet teen goddaughter, MK. I will add some details as well. She is sharing her day trip to Palm Springs, which involved…

travel nail designs

Fun Nail Designs for Travelers

No matter how simple my clothes for travel, I always have a lot of fun with my nails. Thankfully I have a very talented nail artist, Tracy Clement, at Naturally…

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