Bare Feet Travel Inspiration- Mary Ellen Hussey

Dance with bare toes across the ordinary
Photo at Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island.

This quote is part of a poem by Mary Ellen Hussey on Instagram. Her photos are stunning and often accompanied by her inspiring poems, so be sure to check out her account.

So much of my life and blog is devoted to this concept. Be present in the moment, remembering to take in all the beauty and wonder even in the ordinary! Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand. You have a new year ahead of you.. make the most of the small moments.

Happy 2017!

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3 thoughts on “Bare Feet Travel Inspiration- Mary Ellen Hussey”

  1. Why did I not comment on this last time I saw this post on Twitter?! Obviously I’m going to agree entirely … :p

    In a general sense of course, feeling ‘free’ and ‘vulnerable’ is exactly the sort of thing that opens your eyes to whole new experiences, and a completely different way of sensing the world and how others feel. Even if you’re only ‘barefoot’ in a metaphorical sense, that way of travelling the world, rather than staying in your own protective ‘bubbles’, is surely to be welcomed and aimed for!


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