2 Week Mediterranean Vacation Including a Cruise, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Italy and France

Cruise day in Portofino, Italy

In July of 2023, I set off on a two-week southern Europe tour with 23 of my family and friends. 11 of those people were teen boys! Cruises are a great way to travel with large, diverse groups of people, so we first found the cruise that looked best to the group, then planned a … Read more

Adventures in The Bahamas and How I Did My Best at Making Lemonade from Lemons

My family of five had big plans for the holidays. We booked a cruise to Mexico and Belize, leaving from one of my favorite US cities, New Orleans. I was especially excited because my oldest had just left for college, and we could have uninterrupted family time. But everything went awry the whole trip, and … Read more

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