The Largest New England Fair- The Big E

The Big E or the Eastern States Exposition is New England’s regional fair. It is not only a state fair, but a six state fair! It is an adventure that my family drives two hours to explore every mid-September to the beginning of October.

Family day at the Big E
A lovely view of the Massachusetts statehouse and the sky at Springfield’s Big E.

The Big E’s Parade

big e family day
The Big E’s massive parade goes all around the fairgrounds.

The Big E has a large parade that occurs in the afternoon down its main thoroughfare. There are cars, bands,  animals  and lots of people, but our highlight is catching the beads being thrown from the Mardi Gras floats.


big e family day
Little experimenters at the Mad Science booth at the Big E.

You can shop for absolutely anything at the fair- family pictures, clothes, home wares, drones, Segways, airbrushed hats, furniture or casts of your families’ hands. My kids spent the most time at the Mad Science booth where there were lots of science experiments to buy and take part in.


big e family day
The midway at the Big E is full of thrilling carnival rides.

Like any good fair, the Big E has a complete midway with tons of games and rides. We mainly skipped these this year, as they were really expensive. Rides were between 5-10$ a piece and most of the games were around 4$.

Fair Animals

Like at Connors FarmConnors Farm, one of my family’s highlights was definitely seeing the pig races. There were more of them here and there was even a baby pig that swam between races.

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