My Travel Bucket List

My bucket list is continuously being checked off and getting bigger! This world is so exciting. I have also included some links to articles I read that have inspired my additions or to my posts as I accomplish my travel goals. I hope it inspired you too!


Day trip to Giverny.
Bike path through the French countryside riding from Vernon to Giverny.
  1. Go to Iceland. October 2014
  2. Go to Paris in the spring. April 2017
  3. Ice caving in Iceland.
  4. Scuba Pingvillir in Iceland.
  5. Ride a bike from the train station to Monet’s gardens. April 2017.
  6. Tour a port vineyard in Portugal.
  7. Visit Algarve, Portugal. Check out the gorgeous cliffs on the water in this article from Travel, Books and Food.
  8. Stay in a glass yurt in Norway to watch the northern lights.
  9. Swim in the caves in Mallorca.
  10. Visit Croatia, especially Plitvice.
  11. This cruise around Croatia, Slovenia, and the Dalmation Islands, taken by Vagrants of the World, would be the ideal way to accomplish #11.
  12. Pammukale hot springs in Turkey
  13. Visit England. Done 4/16.
  14. Visit Ireland. Done  4/16.
  15. Visit Scotland. Done 4/16.
  16. Tour castles in England.  Done 4/16.
  17. Have a proper tea in Great Britain. Done 4/16.
  18. Visit Sweden. Done 4/17.
  19. Visit Norway. Done 4/17.
  20. Visit Denmark. Scheduled 4/17.
  21. When I was in Costa Rica, I watched Arenal volcano erupt from far away, and that is one of my best adventures yet. According to Laugh Travel Eat, I can watch Stromboli erupt from on it! I had to add that to the list.
  22. Road trip Ireland, especially the Cliffs of Moher, not sure how my husband will feel about driving on the left side of the road again, though.
  23. Go to the Faroe Islands, especially Sorvagsvatn Lake.
  24. Visit the Monastery of the Spear in Armenia.
  25. Explore the Klementinum Library in Prague.
  26. Visit the Faroe Islands. Planning this for my 50th.
  27. Visit Lavender fields in Southern France.
  28. Explore the natural hot springs of Cascate Del Mulino in Tuscany, Italy.


  1. Visit the Asian continent. Scheduled July 2020
  2. See the cherry trees bloom in Japan.
  3. Explore Angkor Wat.
  4. Visit the Taj Mahal. Here is some India inspiration from See Her Travel.
  5. Visit the tea plantations in Indonesia.
  6. Stay in a traditional Chinese courtyard- inspired by my love of Asian literature and this article by Creative Travel Guide.
  7. Being a dentist, I would be remiss not to visit The Temple of the Sacred Tooth.
  8. Take my kids to Cat Island, Japan.
  9. Visit the Raccoon Cafe in Busan, South Korea.
  10. Stay in a ryokan in Japan.
  11. Learn more about the women divers (haenyo) in Japan or South Korea.
  12. Enjoy a Japanese Tea Ceremony.
  13. Go to a Japanese onsen.
  14. South Korea, especially Juju Island and Jeju.

North America

Where to see a sunrise over the Grand Canyon in March.
Sunrise over the Grand Canyon is something everyone should experience.


  1. Go to the opera at the Met in NYC.
  2. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico
  3. Stay at the Mohonk Mountain House in NY.
  4. Take my kids to Washington D.C. in spring. Done April 2018.
  5. White water raft down the Grand Canyon with my kids.
  6. Hike into or out of the Grand Canyon.
  7. Explore the Badlands, SD.
  8. Play tennis on the grass in Newport, RI, at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Done 9/16.
  9. Scuba dive in Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay.
  10. Kayak on Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay. Check out the post.
  11. Go on an Alaskan cruise. Done July 2019Read about my trip.
  12. Get a library card and read a book in Washington DC’s Library of CongressDone June 2019.
  13. I have road-tripped PCH in California, but missed McWay Falls… just another excuse to do this road trip again!
  14. I dipped my foot into Mississippi as part of my 50 before 50, but I would love to return to see Natchez.
  15. See bears eating salmon directly out of a river. Done July 2019!
  16. Visit all 50 states. I am working on my 50 before 50 now.
  17. Stay overnight in the Arctic Circle. Done 8/19
  18. See a polar bear in the wild.
  19. Fish off of a lobster boat in Maine. Done 5/19
  20. Swim with manatees in Florida.
  21. See bluebells in bloom in Texas.
  22. See California’s superbloom.
  23. I have seen it once, but I want to see another eucalyptus grove covered in Monarch butterflies.
  24. Visit Pictured Rocks National Seashore in Michigan.


  1. Visit Banff. While I am there, I would love to visit Abraham Land or Lake Minnewanka.
  2. Hike the Plaine of Six Glaciers Hike in Banff.
  3. Visit all the Canadian Provinces. I have been to Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.
  4. Hike, camp at, and swim in Joffre Lakes inspired by Adventure Stamp.
  5. I just took my first helicopter ride and loved it. This ride, as seen on World Travel Adventurers over Whistler, would be a great next one!
  6. Visit the Sunshine Coast of Canada-  check out Two Scots Abroad’s road trip to get inspired to visit too.
  7. Experience Quebec’s Winter Carnival. Done 2/19. Read about it here.
New Zealand glow worms caves by 211Org on Flickr
New Zealand glow worms caves by 211Org on Flickr


  1. Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  2. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
  3. Swim with Whale Sharks!
  4. Visit New Zealand, especially South Island.
  5. Road Trip Australia.
  6. Swim with dolphins in the open waters of Perth.
  7. Visit South Island in New Zealand


  1. Go on an African Safari. Here are some inspiring pictures from Roar Loud to get you craving this experience too!
  2. Seeing the pyramids.
  3. Hang out with penguins in South Africa.
  4. Visit the Shimoni Caves in Kenya.
  5. Take a safari in South Africa.
  6. Stay in a Riad. Scheduled
  7. Sleep in a tent in the Sahara Desert. Scheduled
  8. See the sunset over the desert.
Patagonia by Killy Ridols on Flickr.
Patagonia by Killy Ridols on Flickr.

South America and Central America

  1. Scuba diving in the Big Blue Hole in Belize.
  2. Visit Patagonia. This guest post is inspiring me!
  3. Hike to Machu Picchu.
  4. Go to a chocolate plantation.
  5. Probe Around the Globe has inspired me to travel to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, to stargaze and take photos in one of the clearest skies in the world.
  6. Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos en Mexico!
  7. Swim with whale sharks in Isla Holbox.

The Caribbean

Our lunch view at Grand Case, St. Martin.
  1. Go to St. Lucia. Done 2/17.
  2. Visit Barbados. Done 2/17.
  3. Climb Mt. Liamuiga in St. Kitts.

The Middle East

  1. Picnic in the desert.
  2. Explore Israel.
  3. See the Sahara desert. Scheduled April 2020.
  4. Go to a Hammam. Scheduled April 2020.

Random  wishes

  1. Swim with wild dolphins.
  2. Live in a different country.
  3. Sleep in a castle. Done 4/16.
  4. Swim with manatees.
  5. Work a Drs. Without Borders trip, even better if one of my sons can come along.
  6. Go to all the Grand Slams- I’ve only seen the US Open.
  7. Kayak by a calving glacier or glacier lake.

If you have any ideas for me or comments, please share them with me.

If you liked it, please share it. Thank you!

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  1. OMG yes! Everyone should go to the Sunshine Coast, BC – I plan to live there in future so I may be there when you visit. Thanks for the shout out! Gemma – Two Scots Abroad.


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