A Short Hike to Arthur’s Seat Provides the Best Views in Edinburgh

If you are a fan of nature, this is a spectacular walk through the black volcanic rocks and, in spring, the prickly gorse bushes ablaze with yellow which so dominates Scotland’s coastline. When you reach the peak, you will be rewarded with views of Edinburgh, the oceans, and expanses to Furth and Fife. I am a nature girl, and this hike was one of my favorite parts of my visit to Scotland. When I return, I will be sure to spend a day here, although, on this occasion, I only got to explore it during my final morning in Edinburgh. Plan your hike to Arthur’s Seat now.

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This is the Arthur’s Seat Volcano as viewed from Holyrood Palace. The broad, high peak on the left is Arthur’s Seat and your target.

What is Arthur’s Seat, Scotland

Arthur’s Seat is the name of the tallest of the three parts of Arthur’s Seat Volcano, an extinct volcano by the coastline of Edinburgh at the bottom of the Royal Mile, by Holyrood Palace. It is possibly named after King Arthur of Merlin’s fame, but the real origin of the name is murky. One popular myth is the seat is actually the resting place of a menacing dragon who tired of his tirades on the people of Edinburgh and chose the top of this craig for eternal slumber. Historically maidens have washed their faces in its dew on May Day.

View of Edinburgh from the hiking trail below (west of) Arthur’s Seat.

Literary Inspiration: Edinburgh is a city of myths, and you will see bits of Harry Potter abound. Arthur’s Seat is mentioned in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Read on for more stories that inspire travel.

Sadly, I didn’t have a ton of time to spend on this hike, but luckily for me, there is a very short hike that you can take to get to the actual seat. The tough part was figuring out how to find it, and we made a lot of mistakes trying to get there, so I will try to help you find it if you need to go up the short way.

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View of Leith and beyond from the top of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

How to Hike up to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

If you are looking at the Palace, turn right and walk down the road. When you reach the large hill, turn left and take the paved path that heads up into the hills on your right. There is one sign up that path. Many unmarked trails will bring you up onto the volcano, but not to Arthur’s Seat. The walk from here is quite steep, with dirt and rocks at points, and will take at least half an hour. If you are not coming from the Palace or are not in good physical shape, have a taxi take you to the south entrance where your walk will be shorter and less steep. Here is a great website to find the best trail for you!

short hike to Arthur's seat www.thedailyadventuresofme.com

Although this hike can be done in a strenuous couple of hours, one could easily spend a beautiful day here exploring. If you have time to explore further, take the trails to the right when coming from the palace to explore more of Holyrood Park, including St. Anthony’s Chapel, ruins from the 14th century. I believe that the lower trail also gives better views of the Royal Mile.

If you are headed to Edinburgh, be sure to read 36 Hours in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tips for climbing Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland for the best view of the city. #Edinburghhikes #hiking #thingstodoinEdinburgh #TBIN

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