3 Days in Edinburgh, Scotland

Our last stop on our trip exploring the British Isles was Scotland, using Edinburgh as a base. This town quickly became one of my favorites in Europe. It has friendly people, ample history, and exciting myths all set around an extinct volcano on a seaside. What follows is how I spent my three days in Edinburgh, including one day as a woman alone.

36 Hours in Edinburgh

Our hotel was one of my favorites in which I have ever stayed. The Waldorf-Astoria Caledonian had sweeping views of the castle. The hotel’s rooms, service, and restaurants are the epitome of luxury. The two photos of the castle were taken from a lovely reading nook in our hotel room. Our location was ideal for exploring both the old towns and new ones.

The Best Things to See in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (Ryal Mile)

3 days in Edinburgh
A close, or alleyway, leading off of High Street, Edinburgh

As the name suggests, the street is a mile-long. It lays in a rift valley made long ago by lava flowing from the volcano on which the castle at its top sits. The street connects two majestic buildings, the Edinburgh Castle on the top of the hill and the Palace of Holyrood House at the foot with Arthur’s Seat looming above. It is the main thoroughfare of the Old Town city. Shooting off of the main street are many exciting and beautiful closes or alleyways.

Edinburgh Castle

24 Fours in Edinburgh thedailyadventuresofme.com

Dominating the landscape, the castle looms high over the city. I could imagine warriors in a siege feeling hopeless trying to overtake it– an ideal placement for a castle, where it has stood since the 12th century. We had visited many castles on our trip, but we’re glad we took a few hours here. Included in the entrance ticket is a guided or audio tour. It contains the Scottish regalia, the Stone of Destiny, St. Margaret’s Chapel, the oldest building in Edinburgh, the National War Museum of Scotland, Prisons of War, and the rooms where Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI. The panoramic views of the city are spectacular. And, if you are there at the right time, you can hear the one o’clock gun, which still fires off on most days, as it has since 1861.

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Heart of Midlothian

3-Day Edinburgh itinerary
Beware the Heart of Midlothian

Outside of the west door of St. Giles Cathedral lies the Heart of Midlothian. Be sure not to step on this pretty stone heart as it is a tradition for locals to spit on it for good luck. The spot was the doorway of the Old Tolbooth (prison) where executions took place.

St. Giles Cathedral

The front of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland
The front of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland

This beautiful cathedral is the head of the Presbyterian Church and is worth a look. I loved learning about this branch of the Christian church. I came in early in the morning and was invited to take part in a communion service by a lovely female minister. She not only spent her time to educate me but also included me in coffee with locals at a local hotel after the service. If you want to take pictures inside the church, they ask for a $2 offering.

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things to see on Edinburgh's Royal Mile
Mercat Cross, Edinburgh where important political announcements, as well as executions, took place

The Real Mary King’s Close

There is much myth spread around Edinburgh concerning this attraction, such as ghosts, murderers, and people being buried under the city to contain the plaque. Its strange name created even more confusion for me. Close is the Scottish word for an alleyway and closes (alley tenement neighborhoods) were named after prominent residents of the neighborhood, in this case, Mary King. While most of the myths are not believed to be accurate, you will see an archaeological site revealing how people lived in the 16th-19th centuries in Edinburgh– and how so many died of the plague. The only way to explore the fragile closes is by guided tour. Since this site is one of Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attractions, you are highly recommended to book ahead of time.

Canongate Kirk

one weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland
Canongate Kirk
things to do in Ediburgh
Now a tavern and the home of the People’s Story Museum, this building was a prison, meeting house and administration building for the burgh of Canongate.

Kirk is a Scottish word for church, and Canongate is a neighborhood at the bottom of the Royal Mile.

The Grassmarket

36 hours in Scotland
The brightly colored Grass Market in Edinburgh, Scotland

A beautiful area with great shops and restaurants right off the Royal Mile, this was named after a marketing square covered in grass where executions were held. Scotland is a land of myths. One from this area is about Mary Dickson (‘Half Hangit’ Maggie). Mary was hanged after she was charged with concealing an out-of-wedlock baby and put into a coffin, only to wake up. Since she was legally dead, she was let off. I guess she was lucky?

The Elephant House

Bathroom of the Elephant House, Edinburgh, Scotland
This bathroom at The Elephant House reminds me of another cool bathroom in one of my favorite Quebec restaurants, Le Bouche.

If you follow my blog, you know that we are fans of Harry Potter. We couldn’t miss the chance to grab some coffee at the cafe where J.K. Rowling is said to have written many of her books. You can see evidence of her inspirations throughout your visit, which I wrote about in Chasing Harry Potter.

Greyfriars Kirk

This cute little dog statue was one of my kids’ favorite stops. I have always been a fan of cemeteries, and this is a lovely one full of many stories. Here you will also find Tom Riddle’s grave. You can also learn more of Edinburgh’wonderful myth histories through stories of grave robbers and the adorable romantic story of Bobby.

Literary Inspiration for Visiting Scotland: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Check out more books to inspire travel. 

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Greyfriars Bobby

Things to do for three days in Edinburgh, Scotland. Explore this town on the shore full of old and new. #EdinburghScotland #ThingstodoinScotland #Edinburgh


Bobby was the dog of one of the kirk’s guards protecting the dead from grave robbers. When his owner died, it is said Bobby would not leave his grave for 13 years until his death but was provided for by the city residents. I love the idea that amid this dark time, people were still taking care of this dog. Rub the nose of this cute statue of the pup,  which sits right outside the graveyard’s gate, for good luck and because it just feels right and happy.

Scottish Parliament

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The new Scottish Parliament building is notable for looking so out of place in this old area of the city.

The Palace of Holyrood House


This palace has been the primary residence of Scotland’s royalty since the 16th century and is still used once a year by Queen Elizabeth. No pictures are allowed inside the palace.


Holyrood Abbey and Gardens

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The partially collapsed church behind the palace was one of my favorite sites in Edinburgh. The peaceful light streaming onto the ornately decorated stone and half standing columns are quite spectacular.

Climbing Arthur’s Seatarthursseat

Be sure to check out my post on Arthur’s seat. The hike is into the hills right next to the palace and well worth half of a day.

We also spent some time in the New Town where there are many beautiful cosmopolitan restaurants and shops.  When I return, I will explore more there. I would also like to visit the Camera Obscura, the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, and Leith, which I have heard from locals are quite excellent.

There is so much to see throughout Scotland. In The Best 17 Hidden European Gems, Dan Flying Solo explores Linlithgow, not too far away from Edinburgh.

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  1. Edinburgh is stunning! The view of the castle on the hill at night time is breathtaking. I’m not surprised it’s one of your favourite cities in Europe 🙂

  2. Oh, Edinburgh looks lovely! It’s definitely on my bucket list and I’ll remember your tips. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, it is a lot of fun! Greetings from Germany ?

  3. I am going to Edinburgh for 36 hours and Your post really makes things easy!

    I am so excited to see all this by myself!


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