3 Easy Family Hikes in Southern California

Although Southern California can be a very crowded place, it also affords a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. We have wooded areas, oceans, and reservoirs. While you are out for the day, you can spend time enjoying a picnic or other pastimes in the area. Whether you are looking for Southern California hikes to do with your kids or by yourself, you are sure to find a perfect place to hike in Southern California.

Wilderness Glen Park Nature Trail, Mission Viejo

best hikes in southern California

Wilderness Glen Park Nature Trail is nestled beside a housing track alongside Los Alisos Blvd. At times, it will go in and out of the neighborhood. This trail offers a creek to walk along with trees full of lizards and other small creatures. It is charming on a hot day and a refreshing break from city life.

Visit Wilderness Glenn Park if you want

many trail options, a creek, flowers, and wildlife.

Where to Park for Wilderness Glenn Park

Navigate to 22500 Los Alisos Blvd Mission Viejo. The best place to park is on Vista Del Lago Road, or you can continue down to the park and walk up from there. Parking is free since it is along the street.
Easy hikes in the OC
These are my lovely goddaughters who I love to hike with when I am in California. Their mom, Laurie, provided the pictures of these hikes.

Yorba Regional Park, Anaheim

Orange County Hiking

This park is a genuine find for families and athletes alike. It has many shady trees surrounding a lake that is open for fishing. Since it is right next to the Santa Ana River bed, there are many places to jog and bike as well. On a warmer day, this park is an excellent find with its shady trails.

Visit Yorba Linda Regional Park if you want

to enjoy a picnic or go fishing after your walk.

Where to Park for Yorba Linda Regional Park

Navigate to 7600 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim. This park sits right off the 91freeway on your way to Corona. There is free parking on East La Palma Avenue at Fairmont Blvd.
a tree filled orange country hike.

Walnut Canyon Reservoir

hiking in southern California

The reservoir is a perfect place if you want some easy exercise. The reservoir is located high up in Anaheim Hills, offering lovely views of the landscape below. The 1.7-mile trail has some medium hills to it providing exercise but is smooth, making it accessible to most. Since there is no shade, I suggest early morning or late afternoon. It is such an excellent way to end a day.

best places to hike in Southern CaliforniaWhere to Park to Hike the Walnut Canyon Reservoir

Take the South Weir Canyon exit off of the 91 freeway. Turn right towards Anaheim Hills.

Turn right on Serrano Avenue to E Canyon Rim (turn right) to Laketop Drive (turn left) you will see it on your left as you drive up. See photo of the entrance to the right. There is free parking along the street on Laketop drive.
Much thanks to Laurie Ayers for helping me put together this family-friendly list of southern California hikes.
Which Southern Calfornia trail will you try today? What is your favorite?
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