Top Ten Highlights Colombia, South America

Colombia highlights

Did you just say Colombia Highlights? Some people may immediately say “drugs and cartels” when thinking about this South American country due to its past negative reputation. I contacted an expert named Giorgy from G-Extreme Travel for insight on this topic. Giorgy will provide information about Colombia’s diverse regions and highlights. What is Colombia Known … Read more

Amazing Desserts From South and Central America

sweets in Argentina

This month’s edition of the best desserts to try around the world brings us to explore the flavors of South America! Desserts from Argentina Dulce de leche From Erin of Sol Salute To say that Argentinian’s have a sweet tooth would be an understatement. Sugar is king, whether it’s ice cream, pastries, or cakes, it’s … Read more

A Visit to Providencia Island, Columbia: Your Best Adventure Yet

Paradise Beach, Columbia

Enjoy this week’s addition of Your Best Adventure Yet by Anna from Expert World Travel. Like all adventures, our recent journey to Colombia probably began with me watching too many episodes of Narcos. Many of you probably know the Netflix hit, but for those that don’t, it chronicles the crazy lives of Colombia’s worst drug … Read more

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