Potterphile Bucket List: Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

Why all Potterphiles should visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tours London www.thedailyadventuresofme.com

I have always been amazed by humans creating stories that transport their fans into its make-believe universe. There are many great ones such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia. But there is something extra-special to me about the universe of Harry Potter. I also think that Harry Potter is … Read more

13 Best Beaches In Wales To Visit (From A Local)

Wales best beaches

Want to find the best beaches in Wales for your next trip? You are in the right place! Wales is known for its rolling green fields, love of rugby, and magical waterfalls. But one of its most amazing features is its stunning coastlines. Wales has some of the best beaches in the UK, so you … Read more

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