Ultimate Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding spots in Australia

Since I am off exploring the UK this week, here is a fun article from a guest blogger, Roxana Oliver from Australia about one of my favorite sports (SUP) and one I wish I could do better, but kinda failed at when I tried it when I turned 40, (but think I will do better now that I’m a purple belt in karate and can do push-ups (lol))  in a country I would be thrilled to visit.

When it comes to physical activity, there is no better thing to do than go surfing and stand up paddle boarding in Australia. Not only are these activities relaxing, but they have many positive effects to your body. Surfing has numerous benefits, as it is a core workout for arms and legs which enables you to have more energy and leaner muscles. It is great for your cardiovascular health, too. If you are up for spicing up your riding against the waves activity, you should consider stand up paddle boarding which has many advantages. Similar to surfing, it is also a great workout, but this one includes total body, while improving cardiovascular health it increases endurance and is beneficial for balance. It is only up to you to decide where you would like to try these out.

surfing and stand up paddle boarding in Australia

Where to Surf?

When it comes to surfing, besides Sydney, it is the best to do it in Western Australia – Yallingup and Prevelly Park. The isolated village of Yallingup is famous for the winery region it is situated in and numerous surfers who come here to enjoy the best waves in Australia. But, if you are considering going surfing in New South Wales, Crescent Head is the place you need. This place is great for both beginners and experts and you can here have a ride as long as 200 metres. Those who are interested in surfing in Victoria should definitely pick Bells Beach which is the place where the oldest and most prestigious surfing event is held. Out there the waves can get as high as five metres. Queensland offers Snapper Rocks, famous for the longest wave in the world. You could travel nearly 2 kilometres on a wave here, so this place is definitely worth pinpointing on the map! However, if you are up for  enjoying picturesque sights while you are surfing, you need to visit Noosa in Queensland where you can ride on a 200-metre- long wave. This is an excellent place for beginners and the locals are willing to show you the bits and pieces to mastering this sport.

surfing and stand up paddle boarding.in Australia

Where Do you SUP?

A great thing about stand up paddleboarding is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Just grab your sups and you are good to go. If you are still considering going against the waves with your sup in Perth, you should visit Scarbourough, Cottesloe and Leighton. Before entering the waters, it is advised that you should check the weather conditions. Those who are willing to go stand up paddleboarding in Queensland will be thrilled to discover Currumbin Creek which is excellent for beginners due to its peaceful waters. However, if you would like to be in the company of other sup enthusiasts, you should go to Maroochy River in Cotton Tree. Those who like the beautiful beaches and calm waters should go to Noosa and its main beach which is well-known worldwide for sups. Sidney and surroundings are famous for sups, and there are also numerous schools available if you feel like getting some training before embarking on your new favourite activity. Melbourne citizens are lucky to have the wonderful place of St Kilda with the perfect conditions for hitting the waves.

surfing and stand up paddle boarding in Australia

Whichever activity you decide to go for, be sure that it will be great for your overall health. While your mind becomes more relaxed and stress-free, your posture will improve, muscles will become more toned and you will become more energetic and your balance will improve. You cannot make a  bad decision when it comes to destinations for surfing and stand up paddleboarding in Australia. The country boasts in beaches with perfect waves, so pick one and go out there, ride among the waves!

Roxana Oliver is a Sydney based travel enthusiast with a passion for writing. She loves fashion and has an eye for anything visually appealing. She is all about a healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. You can find her articles on HighStyleLife and StyleByAsia.







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  1. Thank you for this really inspiring post. It’s a good encouragement for everyone. Exploring what our nature has to offer and getting to do our outdoor exercises are always good for the body, mind and soul. Really happy to see the increasing popularity of SUP these days.


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