Things to do in St. Kitts: A Perfect St. Kitts Cruise Port Day

When we visited St. Kitts on our southern Caribbean cruise, we needed a relaxing day with a few water activities. We asked the taxi drivers directly at the exit of the cruise port and were very pleased with where they brought us. Read on for things to do in St. Kitts with your day in port.

What to do on St. Kitts

The Drive

Things to do in St. Kitts
The view on our drive to Cockleshell Bay.

For just about 8 dollars, we were packed into a van for the twenty-minute drive to Cockleshell Beach. Until the very end, the road is paved and the view scenic. The driver was happy to pull off at Thomas Hill.

Thomas Hill

St. Kitts cruise port
The stunning view from Thomas Hill in St. Kitts.

On the top of this mountain is one of the best views of the Caribbean I have seen! The Caribbean Islands are located at the junction of the Atlantic and Caribbean tectonic plates. Really that is why they exist, whether it be due to volcanic activity or the plates pushing against each other and buckling up. This is so apparent here as you stand on the ridge and see the Atlantic Ocean on the right and the Caribbean Sea on the left. Stunning!

St. Kitts is a volcanic island and you can climb the still active Mt. Liamugia which forms the northeast portion of the island. I really wanted to do this, but couldn’t convince my family to make the five-hour hike. I guess I need to return to the island.

things to see on St. Kitts
How cute are these Vermet monkeys? Be careful though!

Enough about adding to my bucket list,– back to the matter at hand. At the top of the hill is a kiosk where you can buy drinks. You will also find vervet monkeys. The men with the monkeys are pretty aggressive. The main source of income in the Caribbean islands is tourism. The monkeys are so little and cute and if you show any interest in the monkeys the owner will put the monkey on you without asking and expect his donation.

I later learned that these are wild monkey who have been taken from their mothers. In my short interaction with them they attempted to bite the owner. Visit The Monkeys of St. Kitts to see what you can do to help the monkeys of the island. If you go into the jungles, you may get a glimpse of wild ones. Maybe when I do my hike….

Cockleshell Bay

What to do on St Kitts cruise port
The view from our glass bottom kayak of Cockleshell Bay Beach.

This bay had everything we could have hoped for a day in a relaxed environment. We didn’t arrive until 11 am and still were able to find nice chairs with umbrellas in front of the Reggae Bar. An attendant will come around and collect money (10$). As in most places in the Caribbean it is best to bring cash, preferably US dollars. Although this place was easier than others to use a credit card, the taxi and beach chairs could only be paid for with cash.

You can have lunch at tables in the Reggae Bar or drinks at your chair. We found the waitresses difficult to flag down.

Cockleshell Bay Beach.
The view from Cockleshell Bay Beach. This is where I snorkeled. The island in the distance is Nevis.

The cove is protected and green with a view of neighboring Nevis. The only thing on it are a few bars and restaurants. The bay is calm and a leisurely place for water sports. Your can easily rent what you need at the sports desk. We spent time in a glass bottom kayak, then I did some solo snorkeling. It is always recommended to snorkel with others, but this is a very safe place.

Reggae Bar St. Kitts
This sign perfectly explains the way locals drive in the Caribbean and check out the sweet little cat!

You can even end your day with a seaside massage from one of the ladies with tables behind the beach chairs. This was exactly the calm day my son and I needed and I highly recommend the experience, although next time I may force him to hike through the jungle…

Climbing Mount Liamuiga Volcano

If you decide to climb the volcano you need to do it through a tour. Book your tour up Mount Liamuiga here.

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  1. The views look amazing. 5 hour hike up an active volcano? It sounds so cool but I doubt I could make it with the shape I’m in. Are there other hikes on the island, something easier?


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