Adventures in the Treetops of Massachusetts

My kids were super excited to learn that we were getting hosted to visit a ropes obstacle course near us, that even had ziplines! Boundless Adventures is in Berlin, Massachusetts and every last one of us, even though we have very different thresholds for thrills, had a fabulous time.

Boundless Adventures, Berlin, Massachusetts

zip lining in MA
This is the opening into the park. The nine courses with four difficulty levels travel far into the forest.

Boundless Adventures is an aerial park with nine courses, varying in height, difficulty and physicality. The courses have obstacles such as tightropes, ladders, zip lines and rolling elements.

They are very careful about safety, using double belays, so one is connected until they reach the ground. They also have lots of staff around to help you if you need it at all. The staff was the highlight of our day at the obstacle course.

My middle son and his friend were ready to get up onto the intermediate adventures– the Motivation Courses. All the courses are obviously marked, so you acan’t accidentally end up someplace you don’t intend. I went up with them the first time, then they were able to go alone, since there are walking paths and picnic tables available to keep an eye on your kids.

Can an Anxious Kid Do This Adventure Course?

ropes courses ma
The beginner level, Exploration Courses, are just 10 feet off the ground. For the very brave in your group, the hardest courses soar up to 40 feet up.

My youngest son was a different story. He is pretty anxious and actually laughed when we walked in and told me, “You didn’t actually think this was something I would like, did you?” I had asked him at home if he wanted to come and he said yes. We had been to a smaller adventure course in Montreal, Canada and he didn’t warm up to it. I figured he was older and braver, but this was not starting well. As soon as he put the harness on at Boundless Adventures, he wanted nothing to do with the course.

The staff was incredibly patient with him, spending time adjusting his harness and talking through all the ways he could try the courses. If a person finds the course is too much, there are ways to get safely down.

He spent about an hour, watching from a bench. After I had done a few courses myself, I came down to visit with him. He decided he wanted to try,  now it looked like fun. We went back to get his harness on and the staff again helped talk through what would happen on the course. By the time he finished the first course, he couldn’t wait to try to do others!

If you have an anxious kid, you can imagine what a confidence boost it can be for a kid like this to conquer his fears. I believe this family day will help him try many other new things as well. I am so glad we came and spent the day at Boundless Adventures!

What to Expect at Boundless Adventures

active things to do with kids in Massachusetts
Boundless Adventures is a perfect spot in Massachusetts for mother-son time!
  • Eat a full meal before you come. It is a work-out, so you will want to fuel your body. The park provides water for you and sells small snacks, but they do not offer meals. You can get food delivered or pack a lunch.
  • We loved that you have a lot of time to explore here. The tickets are good for three hours after your safety orientation. You and your kids won’t get bored, your body will get tired first!
  • Dress comfortably. Like I said, it is a workout.
  • Climbers have to be at least 7-years-old and less than 265 lbs.
  • Fun, bonding and as much of a challenge as you are up for.

Ticket and Discount Code for Boundless Adventures, Berlin, Massachusetts

Be sure to get your tickets for this Massachusetts adventure course now, so you are sure they don’t sell out. Use the  coupon code Blog-ma-19 for a ten percent discount.

Buy tickets and find out more about Boundless Adventures.

Thanks again to Lorrie, Boundless Adventures and the incredible staff for hosting us on this uplifting, inspiring day. As always, all opinions are mine and unswayed.

Are you looking for a fun, family activity in New England? Visit the obstacle courses and ziplines in MA at Boundless Adventures! #TBIN #c2cgroup #familyactivitesMA #thingstodoinMA #hosted @BoundlessAdventuresMA

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