Romantic Things to Do in Positano, Italy: The Perfect Date Night

Romantic things to do in Positano

Positano is one of the most beautiful and romantic European travel destinations available. The picturesque buildings, blue waters, towering mountains, and stunning views make this village one of the most enchanting locations along the Amalfi Coast. Positano attracts a wide range of travelers; however, the majority of visitors are romantic couples escaping reality for a unique getaway.

There are so many aspects of Positano that make it an excellent location for couples. From the stunning villas to the plethora of romantic restaurants, a romantic evening in Positano is not hard to accomplish. 

Planning the perfect Positano date night that will amaze your significant other is a relatively simple task in Positano. Check out the list below and do one or more of the romantic things to do in Positano as part of an epic date night. No matter what you choose, you will surely have a night neither of you will soon forget. 

Go on an Evening Boat Cruise in Positano

things to do at night in Positano, Italy

Positano is beautiful up close and even more impressive from a distance. One of the most excellent ways to see it from afar and admire its beauty in its entirety is by taking a boat cruise. There are a ton of companies who will take you out on a journey, or you can rent a boat yourself. However, hiring a tour company or a captain to cruise you around is best, so you can focus on each other and the beautiful views of Positano. Also, many tour companies supply drinks and snacks! 

Taking a boat out into the Sea while the sun starts setting and watching as Positano starts to light up is magical. Sitting on the boat with your loved one with a glass of red wine and Positano ahead of you is a romantic and special moment that will give both parties butterflies. An evening boat cruise is a great way to start a date night or as a whole date. 

Dance the Night Away 

Every couple is different in what they believe is the perfect date night. Some couples like to drink wine and relax while others want to dance. In Positano, both options are available. For those who want to dance and have some excitement a date a Music on the Rocks is a must. This club is the only club in Positano, and it is built inside a cliff and looks like a cave on the inside. You can also head to Treville Beach Club and enjoy a lovely evening of drinks and music there. If your idea of the perfect date night includes dancing in an exciting and beautiful location with locals, these options are for you!

Find a Secret Spot 

Positano is full of secret alleys and paths that bring you to exciting areas and stunning views. Wandering around Positano and finding a spot with a unique view of the city at night is both romantic and fun. Watching the city lights flicker on and the boats out on the water from your private spot is a date night with a personal twist. You will always remember ‘your spot’ as your own special Positano secret. 

Go for a Romantic Dinner in Positano

Everyone loves restaurants that serve fresh Italian cuisine, and in Positano, you don’t only get delicious food, but also amazing views. There are a ton of uber romantic restaurants that will put previous date night dinners to shame. Having a fresh Italian meal with a glass of wine while overlooking the beautiful village of Positano is pure magic. This date night idea is pretty basic, but sharing this moment with the one you love is perfect. Some fantastic romantic restaurant options are:

  • Da Vincenzo
  • Ristorante Terrazza Cele
  • Next2 
date night ideas Positano
Treville Beach Club, Positano

Get Wine Tipsy 

Italian wine is the best wine, so why not enjoy it together? This next Positano date night idea is budget friendly and intimate. Head to a grocery store and pick up a bottle of wine (or two) and go back to your accommodation for a night of wine and laughs. This date night is best if you are staying in a hotel or villa with a terrace attached to your room so you can view the city while you drink.

Drinking a nice bottle of wine in a setting that only involves the two of you is a great way to appreciate each other’s company. You can also pick up some snacks from the grocery store and make a little cheese board to snack on. Sometimes it is the thoughtful, simple dates that mean the most. 

Walk hand-in-hand Along the Beach

Positano is full of beaches, and right at the bottom of the village is the beautiful Spiaggia Grande. This beach spreads 300 meters along the coast and, although it is hectic during the day, at night it becomes secluded and turns very romantic. A walk along the waterline provides you with a stunning view of the Positano buildings and surrounding mountains on one side and the Sea on the other. Listening to the waves crash on the stones while looking at the stunning village is enough to make anyone melt. You can never go wrong with a romantic walk along the beach. 


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