9 Fabulous Fall Picnic Areas in Connecticut and Rhode Island

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With the leaves starting to change and the air starting to cool down, it is the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor meal and some of the beauty of Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here are some of my favorite places to be with nature and enjoy a fall picnic in the area.

Hiking trails with Great Spots to Picnic in RI and Ct-

Devil’s Hopyard, East Haddam, Connecticut

The creek side picnic benches at Devil’s Hopyard.

This easy-to-moderate 3-mile loop hike summits with sweeping views over the town of Coventry, Connecticut. At the summit you can use the big flat rocks as a table and enjoy the scenery. If you are more of a picnic table sort of family, there are tables at the trail head beside a creek with a small covered bridge. After your hike continue to trail to see the large waterfall.

Stepping Stone Falls, West Greenwich, Rhode Island

I love the small cascading falls at Stepping Stone Falls. It is hard to find and not usually not very crowded, so my family can play in the shallow falls, then picnic on a rock creek side.

Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown, Rhode Island

fall picnic spots in Rhode Island. thedailyadventuresofme.com
Hanging Rock is at the terminus of the trail in the Norman Bird Sanctuary. The flat rock on the top will make a perfect table.

There are picnic tables, chicken and an education center at the visitor’s center. This hike will take you through woods and ponds and end’s with a small summit overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Picnic Areas at Wineries

I love the look of the stark vines at a winery in fall. Here are some of my favorites to picnic at and then explore in Connecticut and Rhode Island-

Jonathan Edward’s Winery, North Stonington, Connecticut

Best spots for fall picnics in Connecticut. thedailyadventuresofme.com
Fall colors at the vineyards of Jonathan Edwards.

You can take a complimentary tour at 12, then dig in to your meal!

Greenvale Vineyards, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Have an early picnic, then take in a jazz tasting.

Newport Vineyards, Middletown, Rhode Island

Autumn picnic spots in Newport, Rhode Island www.thedailyadventuresofme.com
The vines of Newport Vineyards.

This is a perfect vineyard to take a long walk through. Plan a whole romantic day in Newport.

Picnic at an Apple Orchard and Buy Some Sweet Apples for Dessert.

Narrow Lane Orchard, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Connecticut and Rhode Island picnic areas. Read on for the some great ideas for fall picnics in New England- apple orchards, wineries and hiking trails. #freethingstodointhefall #fallinNewEngland
The orchards at Narrow Lane Orchards.

This sweet little orchard in North Kingstown has picnic tables, chickens and a flat walking trail through forest and ponds.

Drazen Orchards, Cheshire, Connecticut

The farm store sells apple cider donuts too- yum!

Picnic with an Ocean View

Beaver Tail, Jamestown, Rhode Island

This is the best place in Rhode Island to watch the sunset, so the perfect place for an evening picnic. And because the days are getting shorter you won’t have to stay up to late to enjoy it.

Where are your favorite picnic spots in Rhode Island and Connecticut? Read on for ideas of more fun things to do in Rhode Island or Connecticut.

Looking for more to do in New England in fall? Read 19 of New England’s Best Fall Activities.

Get outside with your family this fall and enjoy a picnic! Here are some of my favorite spots around Rhode Island and Connecticut. thedailyadventuresofme.com

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  1. A picnic is such a nice relaxing thing to do on a lazy Sunday! Some great ideas. A nice way to soak up the local atmosphere! Thanks.


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