Light Up Jellyfish Costume That You Can Make

I love, love, love Halloween.  I love the fall and it is so much fun to feel like a kid again and dress up and eat candy. My kids are getting to the point where they want to be gross, serious things, like zombies and the days of our themed costumes, are gone. So, when my nine-year-old said he wanted to dress as something with me and that he wanted to make our costumes, I was thrilled.  I think they turned out really cute and I love that they light up.  They took about 2 hours to make. You can wear white,  blue or white clothes under or try to match with your jellyfish. We chose to wear blue.
Read on for a homemade light-up jellyfish costume instructions. #halloweencostumeideas #themidlifeperspective
Our art tables and supplies laid out


1. Cut bubble wrap strips that will become your tentacles. I varied the lengths, but made mine about 3 1/2 feet long.  I am 5″6.  I made my nine-year-old’ss shorter by about a foot.  I made them tapered at the bottom.

2. Cut curling ribbon in similar lengths.  You need about 15 strips of each.


3.  With a glue gun, attach  the widest part of the bubble wrap tentacles to the  inside edge of the Styrofoam ball, all the way around, leaving half an inch between them.

4. Then attach the curling ribbon between each tentacle.


​5. I then taped my LED  lights in my desired pattern-  I chose to circle them around the sphere

6. Use glue gun to attach the hat to inside of the Styrofoam ball, making sure before that it sits right on your head.

7.  Cover the outside of the ball and lower edge of the dome with the desired color of tissue paper. This part was tricky, as the paper rips easily and does make the costume fragile. It would be sturdier with two layers, but you wouldn’t see the lights as well.

8.  Use the glue gun to attach the battery pack to the back of the globe. Glue the Tap lights to sides of the rim of hat and your costume is ready to go!

This was a fun costume to make. My nine-year-old even made his by himself, with glue gun supervision. Four members of my family wore the costumes on Halloween. We were a whole school of jellyfish! My son even won best costume at his cub scout party and the family won best costume at a Halloween party.


Have a great time making and wearing your own jellyfish costume this Halloween.

Looking for a unique and cute Halloween costume for yourself or a perfect family costume? Read on for instructions on how to make your own jellyfish costume. #costumes #halloweencrafts #hallloweencostumeideas #themidlifeperspective


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