How to Take Care of Your Tummy While You Travel and Still Get to be an Adventurous Eater!

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As you know if you follow my blog and Instagram, food is one of my favorite things about travelling. In my early travels, I had a few instances of food poisoning caused by my adventurous eating. I can think offhand of three trips that were ruined because of it. I started to get a bit anxious about travelling with the idea of being stuck in a foreign hotel room by the toilet. I knew I didn’t want to stop travelling to incredible countries, but had to figure out how to not repeat these unfortunate experiences. Read on for what I figured out.

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Since I have started following this protocol I haven’t gotten sick once, even when eating from street vendors. Most cases of food poisoning are caused by bacteria, such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Camplyobacter and Listeria. When I travel, I definitely still eat adventurously, but I don’t take unnecessary risks. Enjoy my tips for eating safely through any country that you visit, and most importantly enjoy all the foods the world has to offer.

      • Don’t drink the water in places that it isn’t safe. That includes using water when you brush your teeth or getting it in your mouth while you shower. Use only bottled water that you are sure hasn’t been refilled and avoid the ice.
      • Don’t eat food that has obviously been sitting out. My son and I both got food poisoning from chicken at a buffet in a hot climate.
      • Don’t eat food that has been washed in water that is contaminated. My absolute worst case of food poisoning was my first- as a teen eating a sandwich with lettuce and tomato in an unsafe locale.
      • Wash your hands often and only eat at spots where the people preparing your food are too.
      • If possible, check reviews of restaurants where you dine. Reviewers won’t be positive about meals that they got sick from.
      • I think the most effective thing I have added to my travel bag is Pepto. Do you know that Pepto is antibacterial? I actually always have it in my purse, whether at home or abroad. If my tummy feels even the slightest bit off, I take it. If there were any harmful bacteria starting to make problems, I stop it right away.

      • If you do end up with diarrhea, the Pepto Diarrhea Liquicaps 24 ct that I carry in my bag can be used to treat it. I know many people don’t love the taste of the liquid, which is why it is perfect that the company put the liquid in a capsule!
      • If you still end up with food poisoning that lasts more than 48 hours, be sure to visit a local doctor.

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So head out into the world and eat with reckless abandon, but with thoughtfulness, and make the most of your travel! Enjoy!

What is your favorite meal you have had abroad? Please share it in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for the advice! I sometimes get to be an adventurous eater and later the issues with my belly are just another adventure! This looks like a good means to fight travelers’ diarrhea.


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