Fun Nail Designs for Travelers

No matter how simple my clothes for travel, I always have a lot of fun with my nails. Thankfully I have a very talented nail artist, Tracy Clement, at Naturally Nails in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, who has outfitted my nails for travels around the world. Here are some of my favorites on my nails. Getting themed nails is such a fun way to prepare for a trip and put my travel hopes out into the universe.

Desert Nail Designs

Tracy created this design for my trip to Joshua Tree, California.

Nail Designs for Travel to Mexico

My mom getting ready for our trip to Cancun, Mexico. Ole! I get my love of nail designs from my mom.

Hawaii Nails

Getting ready for Hawaii!

Nail Designs for Autumn Foliage Travels

Heading to New Hampshire to go leaf-peeping.

Cherry Blossom Nails

Off to Washington, DC to see the cherry trees in blossom.

Northern Lights Nail Designs

Alaska nails

When we went to Alaska, we were dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights, so I decorated my nails to make my dreams come true.

Caribbean Nail Designs

Caribbean Nails

When I go SCUBA or snorkeling, I am dreaming of seeing all the colorful sea creatures. I wore these nails when I went to the Caribbean.

Netherlands Nail Designs

Netherlands nails

When I visited Amsterdam in the spring, my mind was fully focused on flowers. This design let me also bring my flowers with me.

Key West Nail Designs

Miami to Key West Road Trip

Sunsets and palm trees are a highlight of a trip to Key West.

and, last but not least…

Parisian Nail Designs

Paris Nails

My romantic and elegant nails featuring the famous Eiffel Tower were the perfect enhancements to my Parisian style.


Have you decorated your nails for travel? What has been your favorite? Happy travels, Jamie

Prepare for your next vacation by bringing along a pretty accessory- pretty travel nails. Read on for ten fun designs. #nails #manicure #travelaccessory #travelnails

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