A Day at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California- A Photo Essay

Did you know that almost 75 percent of all cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in California? You can tour some of these fields, including The Flower Fields- 50-acres of ranunculus flowers in a rainbow of colors with views of the Pacific Ocean in the background. So if you are looking for things to do in southern California in spring, head to The Flower Fields. You will be surrounded by beauty, can get some amazing family pictures, and will most likely learn something.

My mother and I are crazy about flowers, so we knew that we wanted to visit when we heard about The Flower Fields. We visited on a sunny spring day. We arrived at our ticketed time and spent about 4 hours walking around the fields and taking pictures.

ranunculus fields in Carlsbad, California
My parents and I among the flowers. My dad loved inspecting this antique tractor.

How Can I Visit The Flower Fields?

The fields are in Carlsbad in northern (North County) San Diego county. It is also not a bad drive from Orange County. This year you must pre-buy your tickets online. Your ticket will give you a time to come; then you can stay for the rest of the day.

Did you know that almost 75 percent of cut flowers in the US are grown in California? These gorgeous ranunculus flowers are grown in Carlsbad and you can tour the fields. Read on for all the details. #flowers #California #thingstodoinsouthernCalifornia

What Will I Find at The Flower Fields?

You can walk around and between the fields, but not in them. There are social media areas where you can walk slightly into the fields to get great pictures, like my family picture. There are also gardens with other flowers, an orchid display, a sweet pea maze, interesting birds, and educational areas. There are food trucks and a store on the property. They also have pick-your-own blueberry fields.

I had recently gotten a Lensball for a gift, so this was a perfect time to try my new photography toy out.

The fields are working cut flower fields, so you can watch the flowers being collected.

working in California flower fields
Break time for the workers picking in the fields.

What Time of Year Can I Visit The Flower Fields?

The fields are open from March 1- May 9, 2021. They plant the flowers in October, but they don’t bloom until spring.

Do I Have To Walk the Whole Property?

We wanted to get some exercise, so we were happy to take a long walk all around the property. If you aren’t up for that, there are fields close to the entrance. You can also pay an additional fee to take a narrated historic tractor tour around the fields.

Visit The Flower Fields website for more information.

Have you been to these fields? What are your favorite flower fields around the world? If you would like to read more about amazing flower fields worldwide, check out Flower Fields in New England and A Spring Visit to Amsterdam. 

Looking for something fun to do in southern California in spring? Visit the ranunculus fields in Carlsbad. #flowerchasing #springinsouthernCalifornia

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10 thoughts on “A Day at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California- A Photo Essay”

  1. Visiting the flower fields in California looks like such a great family day out. My daughter would love to wander around the fields and see how it’s all done. Sounds like they’re really moving with the times by having a social media photo section. I can see how they’d need to though, to protect the flowers. It looks so beautiful!

    • In many of the fields around New England, you can walk through the fields. Most of the stems are sold to visitors that day, unlike California where they are sent all over the US.

  2. I’m so happy I came across this. I’ve always wanted to visit the Flower Fields and didn’t know exactly where it was. I’m glad to hear tickets can be purchased online and it looks like I still have time to go 🙂 Gonna have to check and see if my pup can come with me.

    • I am pretty sure no pups are allowed. If you want to bring him and see the fields from farther away there are viewing platforms from the street above the farm.

  3. Wow, 75% of all flowers, I can only imagine what that must look like to see mass flowers like that. I love flowers, gardens and all things pretty. I only wish I could visit one day. That’s a great tip to purchase tickets online.

  4. I must admit we have never travelled to visit vast flower fields like the ones you have shown in Carlsbad California. We may have to change that this year! I am sure the colours and smells are intoxicating. One to add to my list for our next visit to California.

      • Ranunculus have no nectar, therefore no smell. Can you imagine the bees in a field of flowers full of nectar? Ranunculus are polinated by the wind, so the Carlsbad Flower Fields benefit from the nearby Pacific Ocean.

  5. My cousin lives just a few miles from this flower fields. Too bad I still haven’t get a chance to visit during blooming time. It’s really pretty! I like how they have social media areas for visitors making memorable pictures.


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