47 Fabulous US Road Trip Itineraries

Some of my best memories are from road trips throughout the United States, from historical New England to the west coast’s amazing coastline and national parks. Getting in your car and stopping wherever looks interesting is the perfect way to explore the expansive United States. Below are starting points and recommendations of ways to spend … Read more

Getting SCUBA Certified on Vacation, Without Spending Your Vacation in Class

getting scuba certified on vacation

I got SCUBA certified many years ago while I lived in California by NAUI. Although I love to dive, my husband tried it on our honeymoon in Tahiti and hated it because of his claustrophobia. So, while raising three boys, I haven’t had much chance to dive over the last twenty years. We have enjoyed … Read more

Maui Pineapple Tour

Before visiting Hawaii for the first time, pineapples were definitely one of the first things that came to my mind when I thought of the islands. My friends told me that when I tried pineapples on the islands, they would be the best I had in my life. We also love exploring how areas were … Read more

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