Virtual Reality Gaming Comes to Providence Rhode Island

Things to Do in Providence, Rhode Island VR in Providence, Rhode Island

I had never had the chance to try out a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming system, but when Showcase Theater offered me a chance to take my older sons to try it out, I knew it would be a perfect time to try. We decided to go on Valentine’s Day- a perfect mother-son date. The VR playground is right by the concession area in Providence Place’s Showcase Cinemas. It is an easy night out as you can grab dinner in the food court, play, then watch a movie.

VR in Providence, Rhode Island
These are the games that were available on opening night and the prices to play.

What is the VR experience like?

Honestly, it is really cool and there was a game to make us all happy! Each person playing gets a private cube with a staffer assigned to make sure all is well. Nick was helping me out and he was perfect at guiding me every step of the way. They put your VR headset around your head. It is cleaned thoroughly between each use and you get a controller for each hand.

When you pick a game you are not in a little cubicle anymore, but in a large open space. If I got to pick a superhero trait, instantaneous travel would be it- and it happened that night! They help you learn to move in that space, which I found to be the trickiest part.

You then use the paddles to interact with the environment and it really, truly feels like you are.

What kind of games can you play?

VR in Providence Rhode Island
My oldest painting. We could watch what he was doing on the screen above him and the one behind him. In the game there are lines to protect you from walking into the wall.

As of opening night, they had ten games to chose from. Even in standard videos games I am a more simple girl, so I started with Fruit Ninja. Even by the end of my time, that was my favorite. It is so much more fun than the arcade version. Then I worked as a chef in a restaurant. I got to pick up and throw bugs to keep the health inspector away! The last game I chose to play was a multiplayer version of dodge ball.

My son played dodge Ball (Smash Box) and was an auto mechanic- one of his dream jobs. My oldest painted in the Underneath from Stranger Things and played a first-person shooter game.

How are the games interactive?

Virtual Reality in Providence Rhode Island
Getting fit with the headset.

Multi-player Games

There are a few games, such as Smash Box in which you can team up with your friends to battle other teams around the world. Even though you are still in your own cube, you can talk to each other, play cooperatively and see each other on screen. In fruit ninja, even though I was playing alone, the leader boards I was battling to get on are against people around the world too.

Dynamic Spectating

In the cubicles are screens which give an idea of what the player is doing in their game, so you can watch and talk to the people you are with even if you aren’t playing yourself.

So escape from your reality by trying out some virtual reality. Find out more about how you can play VR at the Showcase Theater in Providence Place Mall.

As always, although the experience was hosted my opinions are not swayed and my opinions are my own.

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