Skydiving in New Zealand: A Your Best Adventure Yet

Skydiving is a must for everyone who loves adventure. It’s one of the craziest things I (Maaike from travel blog Travel a Lut) have ever done and the adrenaline kick is sky high (literally). One of the best destinations to do this is New Zealand, a country that is known for a lot of adventure. You can choose several spots and after doing a lot of research, I decided to go for Wanaka, a town on the Southern Island of New Zealand. The free fall is awesome and the view during the ‘relax’ time is incredible.

Skydiving NZ

The skydive itself

After putting on all the materials, you step into a small airplane which brings you high up in the air. The adrenaline is getting stronger and everyone is a bit nervous. Then the window opens and you sit on the edge of the airplane. This moment is so unreal, you can’t even imagine. And when you’re finally a bit comfortable with your legs hanging out of the plane, the instructor pushes you and you fall down– 200 mph. Gravity takes you down and you keep on falling for 45 seconds. It doesn’t sound a lot, but believe me: 45 seconds is a long time when it feels like you will crash on the ground.

But then the parachute goes open and you suddenly stop. You’re not falling anymore and you have to get yourself together for a couple of minutes. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy a gorgeous view, which you didn’t see when you were falling. The view during the skydive in Wanaka is amazing. You overlook mountains and some beautiful lakes. It’s incredible, you will love it!

Can you skydive all year round in New Zealand?

Yes, you can! I skydived in summer time and it was gorgeous. It was super sunny, the sky was clear and the lakes were shining. But in winter time you have an incredible view over snowy mountain peaks, how cool is that? I definitely would like to go back in winter time to experience a skydive with white mountains.

Skydiving in New Zealand
Looking out at my skydiving drop zone from the ‘big plane’ the following day. Photo from Bex Walton on Flickr

Different options and prices

You can choose for three heights: 9000 ft, 12000 ft and 15000 ft. The first one has a freefall of 25 seconds, the second one of 45 seconds (the one that I did) and the last one is one minute. The cheapest option, so the one of 9000 ft, costs around 200 USD, the second one 230 USD and the highest fall costs you around 300 USD. It costs 100 dollars more if you choose the highest one instead of the lowest one, but a freefall of one minute is a different experience than a freefall of 25 seconds. You choose!

If you would like to have photos and even a video which is filmed by your instructor (which is right behind you), you have to pay 130 USD extra, no matter which fall you choose. But you won’t have a picture of you actually hanging or flying in the air. That’s why you can choose to have a personal cameraman who captures your entire flight, but this costs you around 170 USD. If you would like to have pictures that the instructor took and the pictures of the extra cameraman, so you have two different point of views, you pay 215 USD.

Which company?

Different companies offer this awesome skydive and I’ve chosen Skydive Wanaka. I had a great experience: they were in time, my instructor was very kind and explained a lot during the flight and it was all very professional.

More activities to do in and around Wanaka

But Wanaka has more to offer. Go horsebackriding in the surrounding valleys, hike different trails, visit the Rob Roy Glacier, relax at the famous Wanaka lake and swim in the Blue Pools close to Haast.

Look into booking a 12-Day Adventure Tour in New Zealand Including Skydving. A great way to get your thrills and support more content like this.

Maaike loves to do adventurous activities and she writes about it on her blog Travel a Lut. Wanna see more adventures of Maaike? Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, where she shares her most beautiful travel photos.

Looking for a real adventure? Read on to see why New Zealand is the best place to skydive! #NewZealand #adventuresports #skydiving

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