Things to Do in Northampton, Massachusetts

Northampton is one of my favorite Massachusetts towns. It has an artsy, eclectic vibe with tons of restaurants and shops. It has many venues for live music and art galleries around. It has every ethnicity of food imaginable in a small radius, so very walkable. Read on for an idea of things to do in Northampton, Massachusetts.

girl's day northampton massachusetts
The bridge over Bridge Street is an excellent example of the whimsical art you can find all over the town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Things to Do in Northhampton, MA

Grab a Bite to Eat in Northampton

Things to do in Northampton, Massachusetts
2 Bridge Street, Northampton, Massachusetts
 First, we grabbed some lunch at Thai Garden. They sat us in a great private window seat overlooking the street. We all enjoyed our food and felt satiated at a very reasonable price.
Girl's day northampton massachusetts
We enjoyed the exotic decor.

Shop in Northampton, Massachusetts

One of the reasons that this is such a great place to shop is that there is everything here. I bought a present for my friend’s birthday tomorrow of a fair trade jewelry box, and we all bought clothes, both preppy and eclectic. If you are looking to spruce up your house, artwork for sale abounds.

girl's day northampton massachusetts
My friend Karen and I in Front of the Northampton Inn

Enjoy a Treat in Northampton, Massachusetts

Last but not least, we had to grab something sweet. There are tons of chocolate and ice cream shops to choose from, but we decided to have Bubble Tea at the  Limered Tea House. My friends had never tried it, but they loved it. It is a different taste experience- a sweet drink with little popping balls. Today I had the strawberry with lychee pops.


girl's day northampton massachusetts
An overflowing summer flower basket a The Hotel Northampton.

We found the cheapest parking in town across from the Northampton Brewery, but bring quarters.

Tomorrow we are off to spend the night in Boston, which was inspired by reading The Boston Girl! You can read about that trip here or explore Boston in spring with me.

things to do in northampton
Old Hampshire County Courthouse, Northampton, Massachusetts

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