Great Peruvian Food in Providence?

peruvian food providence

I visit Los Andes Restaurant in Providence when I am in the mood for a unique Rhode Island meal. The menu is full of Peruvian and Bolivian foods. They serve mainly seafood, rice, potatoes and meat with interesting spicy sauces. The Bloody Mary is special-  spicy and different with lime, not lemon  and an amazing candied bacon. If the bartender is on that night, the best Bloody in the state.

peruvian food in Providence

The ladies enjoying some tasty red sangria at Los Andes Restaurant in Providence, RI.
Los Andes Restaurant in Providence, RI has become quite popular recently since being featured in a newspaper article revealing it to the world at large.  It is in a busy neighborhood in Providence, not downtown.  Unless you want to wait, sometime for hours, it is best to have a reservation. The atmosphere of the restaurant is laid back and energetic, with a nice large bar and fish tanks. The food is good and wait staff was friendly, but it is definitely more suited for a long leisurely meal as it takes a while for the courses to be served.
peruvian food providence
The Causa Limena, a chilled whipped potato and chicken dish with a spicy huancaina cream sauce, was a particularly tasty appetizer.
peruvian food providenceThe fried oyster special and its stunning presentation had wonderful textural and taste dimensions with the crunch of the greens and oysters.

peruvian food providence                                                                         Ceviche Classico

We always order the Ceviche  Classico  (a fish potpourri with lime juice and other spices) which is our favorite dish  at the restaurant. The seafood is fresh and well prepared and the citrus sauce is its perfect complement.

Peruvian food providence

The Parrillada Andina at Los Andes in Providence contains chicken, rib eye, short ribs, chorizo and yucca.

peruvian food providence

The lobster paella has been on the special board every time I have eaten at this restaurant.

peruvian food providence

The outside seating has its own bar and is a much quieter place to enjoy Los Andes’ Peruvian food in Providence, RI.

peruvian food provdence

Los Andes’ side dish of cheesy rice is rich and creamy.tresleches
Tres Leches cake dessert because every great meal ends with a sweet.

A show at the Providence Performing Arts Center

peruvian food Providence

One night after dining at Los Andes we had a Beautiful night seeing a show at Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island.

8238101Melissa Pezza and I loved Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island.

We love theater, so love the convenience of the Providence Performing Art Center.  This beautiful old theater was built in 1928 in downtown Providence. Beautiful is the story of the singer and songwriter, Carole King, punctuated by music.  The solos with just Carole  (played by Abby Mueller) and her piano were amazing and gave me chills. I cannot imagine anyone playing the part better and I thought her voice was amazing.  I liked the story and the way the playwright brought an understanding of how a song gets written and how that translated to how it is later performed.  I hadn’t realized how many songs I knew were written by Ms. King.  The sound mixing and quality were spot on tonight.  I would definitely recommend everyone seeing this show.
Another lovely Providence night with a wonderful dinner and show.

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  1. Wow the food looks really good! Your pictures have made me hungry, i’m always a bit nervous about seafood (which is silly because I live right by the sea) but I’ve had a few Peruvian dishes and they were really nice. 🙂


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