The Hip & Cool LA Arts District- A Fun Place to Spend a Day in Los Angeles, CA

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”- Edgar Degas

Hauser & Wirth Art

Los Angeles Art District

Hauser & Wirth Building

I love spending time in Los Angeles’ Arts District. My first stop is always Hauser & Wirth. Hauser & Wirth is an art gallery with 7 other locations worldwide. The Los Angeles location is a great space. It’s an old flour mill that has been converted into this really cool, multi-roomed art gallery. The art is always modern and sometimes wacky, in all the best ways. The gallery has just recently reopened for live viewings, free of charge. Advance tickets are not required for the current exhibits, but check their website for any changes. A health screening form is required to be filled out before entering the galleries, but this could change as Los Angeles opens up more fully. The most recent artists on display were Richard Jackson and Amy Sherald on display through June 6th, 2021; and Lygia Pape on display through August 1, 2021. The artists are always changing and you really can’t go wrong. Each time I visit, I’m inspired and amused. It’s such a fun stop and even my kids enjoy going since each room takes minimal time (under ½ an hour) to peruse!!  

In addition to the galleries, there’s a cool art bookstore, a small garden and chicken coop, a restaurant, and an amazing store that sells all artisan products. You must stop in the store. Their products are always changing, but I’ve seen Kat & Roger pottery there and Abacus Row jewelry- two of my favorite California artisans. You won’t regret spending a little time in this perfectly curated shop and you will more than likely be introduced to some amazing new artists that you will want to follow on Instagram! Note: At the time of this writing, the shop is now by appointment only, due to Covid restrictions. Hopefully, that will change as Los Angeles continues to open up more widely.  

Food to Try in the Los Angeles Art District

The restaurant you’ll find inside is Manuela, and it’s a good one. Manuela has a southern influence with a California spin, think ham and biscuits, but don’t forget the avocado. And get the ham and biscuits. Divine. The cocktails are fun and so is the ambiance. The restaurant is in the Hauser & Wirth building but has access to an outdoor courtyard. The building is built around this outdoor courtyard.


A fun restaurant to try out is Wurstküche. It’s a German sausage shop, with loads of beer options! You customize your link, with different toppings and there are lots of mustards to try. The links can be classic, like Polish kielbasa, or exotic like Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno peppers. There are vegan options as well- I mean c’mon-it is LA!

The fries are perfectly crispy on the outside with real potato on the inside, no hollow fries here! My friend has made the bold statement that they are the best fries in LA. I’m not ready to be so bold, (so many others to try!), but they are good. Also, you can customize your french fry experience with a dipping sauce. Not just your average ketchup here, we’re talking Thai Peanut sauce or maybe Curry Ketchup?


Explore the food and happening in LA's Art District, California, US. #thingstodoinLA #LosAngelesCA #LAartsdistrict

After getting your fill at Hauser & Wirth and eating a yummy lunch somewhere, it’s time to mosey around the neighborhood. You’ll find public art murals everywhere (and a fair share of graffiti). Now that the LA area is opening back up, I’m hoping that the graffiti will be cleaned up a bit.  You’ll want to take lots of pictures of all the cool art.  You will even find art painted on the sidewalks.  There are some clothing shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and a Salt & Straw ice cream shop.  You must stop at Salt & Straw before you leave.  Salt & Straw started in Portland, OR, and is primarily on the West Coast, but they have recently opened a shop in Miami, FL.  They collaborate with local food purveyors on their flavors, so that each location has a local connection.  It’s really really good. You won’t regret it.

This little day trip is something I do quite often. Living outside of LA allows me to pop over and spend a few hours. Think of your city or town. Is there someplace close by that you could start to add to your rotation of things to do? Someplace to go that doesn’t require a lot of travel time? Or even a lot of time while you are there, but still feels like a “vacation day” for yourself? Tell me about it!  

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