How a Septuagenarian Looks at Travel

As an avid reader of travel blogs, I come across many opinions of the correct way to travel. I am privileged to play tennis with an older woman who puts quite a different spin on it. This septuagenarian looks at travel as something that did not have to happen early in her life. It is an ongoing adventure. She is my tennis partner in a 40+ USTA league and more than keeps up with us comparatively young ones. Here are some thoughts from her about how travel shapes a person. All of the pictures are from her albums.
Septuagenarian looks at travel
Gis is on the right, in China
I am a 73-year old retired RN and started traveling when I was 50 (no money before then) and even now would be gone more often if it weren’t for the funds needed.  There is something about traveling that just totally enhances my life; to see things that I have never seen (pictures never do it justice); to speak with people whom I would ordinarily not meet;  out of the norm experiences – all that makes it worthwhile.  It is an adventure.
Septuagenarian looks at travel
A photo from Africa

I have traveled to many places:  Europe, Asia, South America (am saving the US for when I am old)  🙂   but the absolute best, most awesome, the incredible trip was a 9-day safari to Botswana.  On the fourth day, I told the guide that already these had been the most fabulous days of my entire life (and that view has not changed).

I realize that this would not be the same for everyone but we saw a lioness move her four cubs, a cheetah teaching her three cubs how to hunt, had a lion stalk us, watched wild dog puppies fighting over sticks and above it all a huge open sky.  I am unable to do the experience and my feelings justice but hope that they will never be forgotten.septuagenarian looks at travel

So, get out there when you can – take a trip, take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, walk on the Great Wall of China or drink a lovely Pinot Noir in a cafe in Rome.
how septagenarians travel
Some of the tennis team,
Gis is hiding behind me.

My grandmother just turned 101 last week. Looking back on her life, one of the things she is most happy with is that she has seen all of the US through her RV travels when she retired and had a wonderful tour of Russia in her 80s. Your story can be amazing- and does not have to follow anyone else’s ideal timeline!

Septuagenarian looks at travel

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3 thoughts on “How a Septuagenarian Looks at Travel”

  1. So happy to read abt an older traveler,iam 68 I love to travel to historical sites so far having traveled half the world but Indias ancient heritage is unmatched. I want to keep traveling till I am dead and I wish I could take my dog with me everywhere who ristricts my plans at times.

  2. You are so sweet.. i really enjoy reading your blog.. .. you remind me of my mum.. she travel most of the time as she retire as the age of 50 so now its reward time.. you are beautiful and awesome!


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