Historic Fort Adams and The Red Parrot Restaurant, Newport, RI

We had driven by Fort Adams many times on our way to Castle Hill Restaurant and had heard many times about its concerts and other fun events that it holds, but had never gotten to explore it. Veteran’s Day seemed like a perfect occasion, so we headed there with my friend and her family to take their guided tour.


Fort Adams proudly flying its flag on Veteran’s Day 2015.

Exploring Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island

About Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island

Fort Adams was constructed around the time of the civil war to defend our coastline and was a working fort through WWII.  It lies on the Newport Peninsula, so it is surrounded on three sides by water, all of which needed to be protected, and affords excellent views of Rhode Island, especially Newport and its bridge. Because of this fact, it is the largest fort on the east coast of the United States. You can read more about its history here.


My kids were very interested in the big old cannons and other weaponry we saw on our tour.

Taking a Guided Tour of Fort Adams

The guided tour consisted of a full tour of the fort, including the parade grounds, officer’s quarters, soldier’s quarters, on top of the wall, and the listening tunnels.  I loved the beauty of the fort’s stone and brick. The breakdown of the structures allowed us to see how thick the walls were, and the guide explained the genius and strength of its defenses. Musket and cannons were hidden all over the place- it was designed to hold 468 cannons and 2,400 troops.

Loving the #stonewall covered in #moss

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We are beginning to look more like #winteriscoming here in #rhodeisland but loving the #fallscenery on this #stonewall

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Being stationed here between WWI and WWII was considered a lucky thing because it had a golf course, bowling alley, and football field as well as spectacular views. The
kids liked seeing all the cannons and learning about the fort’s defenses. Still, all of our favorite part of the tour was exploring the underground listening tunnels where soldiers would listen for enemies arriving. Our experience was entertaining and informative, although cold from the wind. We would love to return in the summer for the Reggae Festival and to hike the two and a half miles of hiking trails and in the fall for paintball. There is ample free parking.

Should You Take a Fort Adams Tour?

In the winter, they only offer guided tours, but I would recommend one anyway because it is the only way you can explore the listening tunnels, which was our favorite part. Check the website to see times and offerings.

Dinner at The Red Parrot, Newport, Rhode Island

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The Red Parrot Restaurant is a staple in a visit to Newport, RI.
The Red Parrot Restaurant is a staple in a visit to Newport, RI.

After burning so much energy running around the fort, we stopped into the iconic The Red Parrot Restaurant. It is always busy, very touristy with an exciting menu and good food.  We had very slow service today but loved our window seat and its views.  The scallop appetizer with spicy plum sauce was by far our favorite dish.

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    • While reading your article I was thinking about how interesting the use of walls throughout history is. Ours are obviously much newer, but they can be telling of a places history. Sprinkled all around New England are lovely small stone walls used by our first settlers to delineate farm borders.

  1. What an interesting place: between the location and the sports facilities, I am not surprised it was a good posting! My kids would love the cannons too (possibly a bit too much for my liking…)

  2. I was told the Red Parrot once was a store that sold hats and was occupied by the Yates brothers. Ashton and William. Is this true?


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