Why you should visit Norway’s Waterfalls Valley

Hiking to Norway's Waterfall Valley Hike to see Norway Waterfalls

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Hiking to Norway’s Waterfalls

Hiking to waterfalls in Norway

Husedalen Valley, or Waterfalls Valley, is a place where you can see the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. Hiking to the top of the mountains, you will see the most stunning views of the Norwegian waterfalls that you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Where is the Waterfalls Valley, Norway?

Exploring Norway's Waterfalls Valley. Hike to Waterfalls in Norway

The Waterfalls valley is situated in the center of Norway, in Hardangervidda national park near Hardangerfjord and about 160 km away from Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. Like many other places in Norway, Husedalen valley is reachable only by car.

How to Get to Norway’s Waterfalls Valley?

To get to the Waterfalls valley, you should go to the town of Kinsarvik, then ride up the hill. You can stop your car either in the end, near the first waterfall and have a snack before a difficult climb, or before that, in the place, where the road is closed for the cars, but a hiking trail for people is starting.

If you choose the second option, you will have a steep climb along the pipe of an electrical plant. Choosing the second option, you will have a slightly longer, but much easier way up.

What is Special about the Norway Waterfalls Valley?

Hike to Norway's Waterfalls How to hike to Norway's Husedalen Valley

The waterfalls valley is a beautiful place with 4 big and lots of small waterfalls. This place is great for hiking and then staying on the top of the mountains with a tent. The climb is rather difficult, but you will get amazing views in the end. The average time you need to climb up the hill is 2 hours, but you don’t want to hurry, just enjoy the Norway waterfalls’ views and take the most amazing pictures.

The good thing about the Husedalen Valley is that it is less known and not very touristy. One of the reasons is the difficulty is not suitable for anyone, just Norwegians, who have spent their lives in the mountains and can easily run to the top of the Waterfalls valley.

Not all waterfalls are visible at once, you should climb up and discover more and more ‘stages’ with beautiful views.

Hopefully, now you want to visit the Husedalen, or the so-called Waterfalls valley to see the beautiful views of Norwegian waterfalls from the 1600 meter height.

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