Explore Local Box Giveaway

Explore Local Box
My kids were so excited to see what our Explore Boston Box contained!

What is an Explore Local Box?

If you don’t have time to explore a new city or you want to reminisce about one you have visited, you can get a box delivered and bring the exploration to you. The box is filled with locally made foods and products. It is so important to support the merchants who keep our towns unique. It is a perfect idea to give as a gift for your travelling friends. They also have a kids add-on to get your little ones excited about your upcoming trip.

You can buy the boxes they have previously featured. They have a subscription service so that you can get the new box that comes out every month!

What was in my box?

Explore Local Box, Boston
My Explore Boston box

I was given the choice of which box I would like and I chose my local Boston, Massachusetts. I was provided a complimentary Boston box which was filled with jam, caramel candy, chocolate, a Boston spice mix, a card, a post card, a cute dish towel and a historical book for my kids. For Christmas this year I was also given a Rhode Island box!

How can I get my Explore Local Box?

You can visit Explore Local Box website and buy one or enter my giveaway. They would love to hear from you in the comments about what city you would love to see featured in the coming months!\

Why Explore Local Box is a great gift idea?

I plan to send a Rhode Island box to my parents because it is a perfect way to feel like you are at a place you miss. It is also a great way to get someone excited about an upcoming trip or even let them know about a surprise trip that you have planned for them!

In honor of their new box for my home state of Rhode Island, we are running a new giveaway!

Rhode Island Explore Local Box Giveaway thedailyadventuresofme.com
This Rhode Island box is perfect to get a taste of home or get excited about your coming trip to Rhode Island!

Enter to win an e-code for your choice of Explore Local Box.

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120 thoughts on “Explore Local Box Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for all the great city ideas! We definitely have some of them planned for the next few months. Most of the cities mentioned we have been too, but do have two of the mentioned ones still to personally visit. We will keep adding boxes each month to explore as many cities as possible.

  2. A reader already commented on AUSTIN, TEXAS so let me go with DALLAS , TX. Beautiful cities with their own unique auras.

  3. I would love a Buffalo/ Rochester, NY box. Recently moved to Austin and am homesick. If not one of those, I think Las Vegas would be a fun one!

  4. I would love to have a Rhode Island box,but I don’t see it on the site. We used to live there and just came back from vacation to RI and Cape Cod. This would be great!

  5. Well, they already have a Portland box which is where I live- how about somewhere in my home state of Iowa?

  6. Well I’m from Rhode Island so I love to see our box featured. I am planning a trip to Florida so I would love to try that box.

  7. The boxes look very interesting indeed like little souvenirs of local life! I agree with you, it sure would get the kids excited about their upcoming trip!!

  8. I would like to see something more southern, like from Texas or Florida. I think there are some really unique items that could be found there.

  9. I’m from Ohio, so of course I would love to see an OH box or one from any of our cities. I also think it would awesome to see a New Orleans box, a Hawaii or some Hawaiian city box, or maybe even a non-US themed box (like a London box perhaps). This is such a fun idea, and there’s just endless possibilities out there..

  10. This is a great idea!! I can send my God Daughters a box from Louisiana and Darcee a Box from Wyoming. I will have to check to see if they send them overseas or to my military friends and family whom cant come home for the holidays!


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