Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert Arizona

Winter in Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park

A trip with my boys to Las Vegas to see my grandmother led to a spontaneous road trip including the Grand Canyon because that is how I roll. When my son took geology in fifth grade, he learned about the Meteor Crater in Arizona. He really wanted to see it.  So when we heard the … Read more

What Is It Like to White Water Raft Down the Grand Canyon

Bucket List Travel to the Grand Canyon

I have only been to the top of the Grand Canyon, but going into it is high on my bucket list. Read about Leigh’s experience in this week’s Your Best Adventure Yet! You can also read about my spring visit to the Grand Canyon. Is it on your bucket list to white water raft inside … Read more

Ultimate US Road Trip Planner

Some of my best memories are from road trips all around the United States from historical New England to the west coast’s amazing coastline and national parks. Getting in your car and stopping wherever looks interesting is the perfect way to explore the expansive United States. Below are starting points and recommendations of ways to … Read more

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