The Top 20 Places to Travel in October Around the World

Incredible Fall Colors Around the World

I  have to admit, I was being very narrow-minded. You see, I grew up in California where autumn is really only a concept. Californians try, but only really succeed, in conjuring up fall by decorating excessively. Then I moved to New England with its spectacular bursts of colors! Some would say I now live among … Read more

Day Trip From Paris to Giverny: Take a Bike Ride to Monet’s Gardens

day trip to Giverny from Paris.

I love nature and art, so it follows that Impressionism is my favorite art form. The movement was started in the late 1800s around Paris when life got a little easier and people were able to get out into the countryside. Artists such as Claude Monet began to break with traditions of painting myths, people … Read more

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