Best Donuts in US? A Must-Try when Visiting Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders have their unique foods we are obsessed with, and donuts from Allie’s Donuts are a great example. If you are new to RI or are from out-of-town, this place is a must stop. Allie’s donuts are sincerely some of the best donuts on earth.  Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and always very fresh. Donuts are not like ice cream to me. I generally do not usually use my calories in a day on them. I do not try them in every city I visit. But I do eat these donuts. Often.
Rhode Island Best Donuts
Allie’s Donuts can be found in this little building, which doesn’t look like much, but this is where they make their donuts fresh daily. You can expect a wait, with lines out the door, but it is time well spent. It is in the town of North Kingstown, so a great stop on the way to the beach or South County.

Rhode Island Best Donuts

Allie’s Donuts has almost every kind of donuts imaginable and offers coffee and other pastries. It is a cash-only business, but prices are very reasonable.

Rhode Island Best Donuts
Allie’s donut cake
My favorite is a glazed old fashion stick, but the most popular is the sprinkled, which are frosted and also sold as pre-ordered cakes in almost any shape you can imagine. At virtually every Rhode Island kid’s birthday or classroom party, one of these makes an appearance. To ensure that you get yours, you need to order it at least a month early.
Rhode Island Best Donuts
I have in no way been swayed by Allie’s for this review. No money or even free donuts were provided. I just love these donuts. Another real Rhode Island food is coffee milk, which is like chocolate milk, but coffee-flavored. I’ll bid you adieu now to go and enjoy some of my Rhode Island Faves.
best donut in us

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    • I have never thought about donuts containing animal products. Where can you find good vegan donuts? We have some nice vegan restaurants,but nothing like the west coast.


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