Top 10 Beaches in Gozo and Malta to Visit

If you’re planning on a Mediterranean vacation filled with long days spent at the beach, you can never go wrong with visiting Malta and Gozo. These two islands in the Maltese archipelago are known for some of the cleanest, clearest, and most beautiful beaches in all of Europe.

Pools in Malta
St. Peter’s Pool

Just take a look at these top 10 beaches in Malta and Gozo and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Għajn Tuffieħa

Most unspoiled beach in Malta

Għajn Tuffieħa is one of the most popular beaches in Malta. It offers stunning panoramic views of Malta and is engulfed by clean and clear blue waters. What’s great about this beach is that despite having lots of convenient facilities, it’s still perfectly balanced with raw nature.


beaches in Gozo
Dwejra Tower

Dwejra is one of Gozo’s beaches that boasts dramatic archaeological formations by the sea. It has calm and shallow waters as well as deep ends that make for great diving sites. It’s also the home of the Blue Hole and Fungus Rock, two of Gozo’s top dive sites.

Golden BayBest beaches in Gozo

Another popular beach in Malta is the Golden Bay. It’s a great place to enjoy sunbathing, barbeques, and amazing sunsets. It’s also a place for water sports like windsurfing. What makes the Golden Bay a great beach is its convenient accessibility. You can easily reach it via public transport and it offers lots of amenities including restaurants, kiosks, and a hotel.

San Blas Bay

best beaches in Europe

One of the most popular beaches in Gozo is San Blas Bay. It’s a more secluded and peaceful beach that’s ideal for intimate gatherings. You’ll find it at Gozo’s North-East coast, just a couple minutes from the village of in-Nadur.

What’s great about San Blas Bay is the picturesque scenery it offers. From there you will be able to see Gozo’s beautiful fertile valleys. If you’re planning on visiting San Blas Bay, do come prepared to walk down a steep and narrow road. The walk may take about 15 minutes and may be quite the challenge, but it’s all very well worth it.

Mellieħa Bay (Għadira)

best beaches in Malta and Gozo

If you’re planning to spend a beach vacation with a large group, you should definitely head down to Mellieħa Bay. This is the largest beach in Malta and is one of the most notable beaches in the Mediterranean. You will find it on the Northern side of Malta, near Mellieħa village. It is highly accessible by car and by bus.

This spot is ideal for families and children since its waters are clear and shallow. There are even roaming lifeguards for added safety. Plus, there are lots of nearby snack bars, restaurants, and hotels. It’s also an excellent place for sunbathing and watersports.

Ramla Bay

Gozo's best beach
Ramla Bay Cave

Ramla Bay is deemed to be Gozo’s best beach. Plenty of tourists’ flock to its red sands every year. It’s an excellent location for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. And unlike other beaches in the Mediterranean, Ramla Bay is beautifully unspoiled.

Moreover, Ramla Bay is surrounded by stunning sand dunes and a valley with terraced walls. Both landscapes perfectly lead down to the bay.

Imġiebaħ Bay

prettiest bay in Malta

If you’re looking for a secluded beach in Malta, Imġiebaħ Bay may be the best beach for you. Since it’s not the easiest beach to reach, most tourists skip it for more accessible beaches. But hey, that’s what makes this beach extra special.

This hidden gem offers a quaint sandy beach that’s encased in rocky shores. You will find it on the North side of Malta, just a little over the Selmun Palace.

Ix-Xlendi Bay

best family beach in Malta and Gozo

In for a bit of diving? Go and visit Ix-Xlendi Bay for a full day of diving, snorkeling, and swimming. It’s ideal for people of all ages since it has both deep and shallow waters. Ix-Xlendi Bay also offers excellent underwater landscapes for beginner divers. And since it’s a fishing village, you can expect to find several good restaurants, a hotel, and bars nearby.

St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is yet another hidden gem in Malta that most tourists miss. Though it’s not really a beach, you can still enjoy a day of sunbathing around its flat rocky surfaces. Perhaps the best thing about St. Peter’s Pool is its rocky bay that’s engulfed in crystal clear azure waters. It’s simply ideal for snorkeling.

Do know that visiting St. Peter’s Pool may pose as a bit of a challenge. Navigating the way to this beach isn’t for those with a lack of sense of direction. But if you’re someone who’s looking to get a lot in adventure, this place is definitely one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ix-Xwejni (Xwejni Bay) & il-Qbajjar (Qbajjar Bay)

Salt Pans in Gozo
Qbajer Salt Pans in Gozo


Hit two birds with one stone by visiting Ix-Xwejni (Xwejni Bay) & il-Qbajjar (Qbajjar Bay). You can literally hop from one beach to another if you ever find yourself in Ix-Xwejni & il-Qbajjar. These two beaches lay side by side. Both offers clear blue waters over small pebbly beaches. It’s a great place for swimming, diving, sunbathing, and dining.

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