Things to do in Lincoln, New Hampshire in the Fall

It is hard to beat the beauty of New Hampshire’s White Mountains any time of the year. But fall here is spectacular! Lincoln is a bustling little town full of mom and pop storefronts and restaurants with many activities for families or adults. It is not new and sparkly but carries a charm that reminds me of my childhood. It is a place my family returns a couple of times a year to create memories. Read on about a couple of ways we have spent weekends in this lovely mountain town- 48 hours in Lincoln New Hampshire.

things to do in Lincoln New Hampshire

Fall at Loon Mountain Resort

Loon Mountain is just as much fun outside of the ski season. Its peak offers excellent views and here are some ways to enjoy it.

  • Loon’s gondola ride is the longest one in New Hampshire, and the views it affords are fantastic!
  • Glacier Caves at the top of the mountain provide hours of gross motor fun for kids or adults. Huge boulders create natural mazes that you have to shimmy your way through.
  • In the fall, the view from the lookout tower is among the best in the state!
  • Loon’s base area activities include zip-lining and bungee jumping.
  • Take in church on the top of the mountain overlooking all of God’s majestic creations.
Fall at Loon Mountain
At Loon’s glacier caves, kids and adults can slide and scurry through boulder created mazes.


Flying through the trees is not only exhilarating but also provides fabulous views. Here are a couple of places to get your fly on.

Moose Tours

Pimi Valley Moose Tours– Not only will you get to look for these gigantic creatures safely, but you also get a 3 1/2 bus ride through these gorgeous mountains.

The Old Fashion Charm of Trains

things to do with kids in Lincoln
A train ride along the Pemigewasset River.
  • Take a foliage tour along the Pemigewasset River on the Hobo Express. Even if you don’t go on the train ride, stop for pictures with the pretty red engine among the foliage.
  • Ride the world’s first mountain-climbing Cog Railway up New England’s tallest peak, Mount Washington. It is a bit outside of Lincoln, but can easily be part of a long weekend.

Where to Eat in Lincoln, New Hampshire

where to eat in Lincoln, New Hampshire
Kids will love perusing old comic books and advertisements at The Common Man.

There are two stops we always visit when we are in town-

The Common Man Restaurant– Kids and adults alike are happy at this quirky American restaurant. Although the wait is always long, the free-flowing cheese and crackers, old comic books for sale, and cabin-like bar make it palatable.

Chutters Candy Counter– My kids love the super long penny candy counter with every kind of candy you can imagine! The longest candy counter in the world (112 feet) is at their Littleton, NH location.

Covered Bridges

48 Hours in Lincoln New Hampshire
Clark’s Covered Bridge, which is at Clark’s Trading Post.

Nothing personifies the charm of New England fall as a covered bridge surrounded by leaves ablaze. Here are two in Lincoln-

Which brings us to-

Clark’s Trading Post

Although nearby Santa’s Village and Storyland played a big part in my kid’s early childhood, they have now outgrown them. But they still love the Wolfman’s antics and the bear show at Clark’s Trading Post! This small amusement park can be done in half a day and is suitable for kids, from big to small.

Hiking around Lincoln, New Hampshire

48 Hours of Fall in Lincoln New Hampshire
Upper Georgiana Falls, Lincoln, New Hampshire

There are ample trails to explore this area close to Lincoln. Here are a couple of my favorites for easy to moderate hikes that are appropriate for older kids.

Check out 5 Scenic, Family New Hampshire Hikes Around Lincoln, New Hampshire for details on the first two hikes as well as a few others.

  • Georgiana Falls-  A short hike to a small waterfall is appropriate for most abilities. If you are up for a more strenuous, but short hike the upper falls is a real star!
  • Lonesome Lake-  A stop on the Appalachian Trail, this half-day moderate loop hike provides an idyllic lake and gorgeous marshlands.
  • Greely Pond
  • Zealand Falls, Crawford
  • Mount Willard

As you can see, there is so much to do in Lincoln you could stay for a week, but it is the perfect place to spend a New England fall weekend with your family. I hope it becomes as special to you as it is to my family. Be sure to check out 19 of New England’s Best Fall Activities for more ideas of excellent things to do this autumn!

Enjoy at autumn weekend in New Hampshire's White Mountains with Your Family. Read about the best things to do in Lincoln, New Hampshire by reading on. #FallinNewEngland #NewHampshire #NewEngland
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  1. I love Lincoln! I used to live somewhat nearby and visited often. New Hampshire is just wonderful in general, really. You should visit again in the winter when the ice castle is open if you haven’t already. It’s so beautiful and fun!


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