Before Driving RV Checklist

Before Driving RV Checklist

  • Close all doors, including bathrooms and showers. 
  • Make sure the refrigerator is on. It takes six hours to cool down and a similar amount of time to get cold. Make sure the refrigerator and freezer doors are latched by giving the handle a tug.
  • Make sure windows are closed unless you want to drive with them open. 
  • Close curtains to help with cooling/heating. 
  • Stow shoes. We kept ours under the table. 
  • Clear all surfaces. If you don’t things will go flying and could be dangerous. We stowed things we wanted easy access to in the sink. On our first drive, we left a large water bottle on the floor assuming it was so heavy it wouldn’t fly. We ended up with water everywhere!
  • Roll call. Make sure all the animals and humans are in the rig. You definitely don’t want to leave anyone behind. I have a friend that inadvertently left her mom at a gas station when they were kids. 
  • We also used this time to wipe down the clear surfaces. 
  • Are you disconnected from all hoses and electric cords?
  • Turn on propane, unless it is unsafe to do so. 
  • Do a walk-around. Are all the external compartment doors locked and caps on? Are all trailers or bike racks secure?

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