RV Checklist While Gassing Up

Checklist for Before You Gas Up

  • Engage the emergency brake. 
  • Turn off the generator. 
  • Turn off propane- it is outside so is a good job for whoever is pumping the gas. Inconveniently in our RV, it was on the opposite side of the vehicle. 
  • Turn off the Refrigerator. 
  • Check levels. Do you need to dump? Fill up water? Get propane?
  • Wash Windshield. 


Checklist Before Leaving the Gas Station

  • Turn back on propane. 
  • Turn back on the refrigerator. We forgot to do this early on in the trip and woke up to the floor of our RV covered in melted chocolate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 
  • Turn off the emergency brake. 

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