Getting SCUBA Certified on Vacation, Without Spending Your Vacation in Class

getting scuba certified on vacation

I got SCUBA certified many years ago while I lived in California by NAUI. Although I love to dive, my husband tried it on our honeymoon in Tahiti and hated it because of his claustrophobia. So, while raising three boys, I haven’t had much chance to dive over the last twenty years. We have enjoyed … Read more

9 Exciting Things to Do in Basel, Switzerland

things to do in Basel

Basel is a medieval town and one of the most scenic cities in Europe. It is primarily dominated by 12th-century Gothic cathedral and 16th century Redstone townhall that allows you to observe the city with a stunning panoramic view. You will also find Erasmus tomb a 16th-century Dutch scholar. Basel is often underrated, but it … Read more

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