7 Tips for Visiting India for the First Time: How to Explore India Safely

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Why Should You Travel to India?

why visit India

India is a country where you can find all natural treasures. People love to travel through India to experience the cultural diversity, natural resources, historical heritages and religious places. The color of different states and the culture of different people in India really attract you. You can find the various types of foods in different states of India. Plus, this is the only country where you can find more than thirty-four regional languages.

How to Explore India Safely

why travel to India

Things to consider when you travel to India for the first time

  • It is suggested to book your tickets at least three months before and you must book your hotels in India online. Different states in India are well connected with railways and airways. So you can book train or air tickets at your convenience.
  • Always travel with your visa and passport, because you need to show your passport in airport and railway stations.
  • Medical treatment is quite cheap in India, but you must get the best travel insurance to save your life and cost.
  • You can get a new SIM card or mobile connection in India by contacting the telecommunication providers.
  • Do not eat dishes from roadside food stalls.
  • Use bottled drinking water for your safety.
  • Do not mix with unknown people. If you need any kind of help, contact with the nearest police station of the state in India.

7 Tips for First Time Visitors to India

travel safety tips to india
Jagmandir Udaipur
  • Budget: India is a cheap destination, but you must calculate the total cost of exploring India before you visit. In this case, you can book your hotels and flight tickets online to save money on your booking. Cost of foods and shopping are quite affordable in India, and you can travel through public transport like, bus and trains to save money.
  • Planning: As stated, you can find many states in India and each of them has different flavour. So it is quite impossible to explore all over India within a month and you need to plan your travel beforehand. India is divided into several zones such as South India, North India, East India and the west part of the country. You can search the best places in India and choose the best destinations as per your preferences.
  • Mix with the people: If you want to experience the heritage and culture of Indian states then you must chat with the local people. Indian people are very polite and shy. You can talk to them, learn the history of the places and take some photographs with them. But it is suggested to get permission from the Indian people before taking any photograph with them, because they are very conservative.
  • Know the language: When you travel to India, you can try to learn Hindi as it is the national language of India. If you know Hindi a little bit, then you can easily communicate with the Indian people. Plus, knowing Hindi will help you to bargain with the Indian shopkeepers and save money.
  • Medical kit: You must travel with your own medical kit at your first visit to India because stomach problems, bacterial effects and fever are very common in India. Do not take Imodium and other antibiotics every time, and consult with the Indian chemists to take proper medications. You can also consult with the doctor and hospitals in India and they will surely help you.
  • Avoid crowds: If you want to stay out of crowds and spend your time in peaceful areas, then you can choose some unknown hill stations in India. There are some popular places such as Kerala backwater and Ladakh in India where you can spend a peaceful weekend. Try to avoid the festival time in India because during festivals you cannot explore Indian cities with peaceful mind.
  • Protection: India is a popular for its scams and increased crime rates, and you can be cheated by the people anytime. To save yourself, you should keep your mind cool and you can contact with the local police station for any help. Plus, maintain your privacy and you must choose a secure stay in India.
  • Apart from that, when you visit India first time, you need to choose the route for exploring new things. Explore the internet in this regard. There are some travel agents available in India that can help you to book your hotels, train or air tickets and cab booking. You can also contact the embassy or tourist department of the states of India and they will guide you to choose safe routes.   

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