Push Pin Maps!

Travelling is such a part of my family’s life, so I have long been lusting over maps. The idea of having a piece of art around my house that exemplifies our life together excites me. I was finally given one this year from Push Pin Maps and it is better than I could have dreamed.

I got to choose from their many options. I knew that I wanted a world map, but it took me a week to choose between my two favorite options: the super sleek and modern Dark Blue World Push Pin Map or the classically gorgeous Vintage Blue Push Pin Map. A cherry frame on the vintage map would match my dining room furniture so well, but my eye was first drawn to the dark blue map. I am a believer in going with your gut, so I went with the dark blue! The choice of having the canvas wrapped was obvious with this choice as it matches the vibe of the art so well.

Perfect gift for the traveller in your life. www.thedailyadventuresofme.co,m
Pictured is the Vintage Blue World Push Pin Map.

Apart from how beautiful the map is, I love that the map is personalized for my family. Each map has different parts to make fit us perfectly. There is a legend for my push pins which come in four colors. We chose red for me, white for dad’s travel, blue for our family’s travel and black for trips that we have in the plans!

These maps will be a great Christmas gift for any traveller on your list! As a real treat, Push Pin Maps is giving a map of your choice (up to 24×32 in size) to one of my readers! Be sure to enter here because I love it when my readers get really cool stuff!

This contest has closed, but don’t forget to check out my other giveaways!


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42 thoughts on “Push Pin Maps!”

  1. This is awesome. I have a scratch map for myself but I have been considering getting a Push Pin Map so that I can mark where Darcee & I have been together on our Bucket List Travel Adventures. FIngers Crossed!!

  2. Between the dark blue and vintage blue I like the vintage blue best. But the classic (beige) one at the top of the post is my favorite of all. I went to the website, and since we travel mostly domestic, if I don’t win I will probably buy one of the classic National Park maps. Thank you for bringing this product to my attention. BTW, if I win I will definitely keep it for myself.

  3. Hey girlie! I would absolutely gift this to myself! But I would add my daughter because we are travelling buddies. We do solo travel as well so it would be perfect!

  4. Love this!! If I won, I would keep it for my family, but I’m definitely thinking of this for a gift. It’s perfect for a certain someone I know!

  5. This is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I want it so bad! I have the perfect spot in my new house where it could go! What a great idea to have a map that the entire family can enjoy and interact with! THANKS FOR SHARING AND FOR THE GIVEAWAY!


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