5 Reasons to Take Your Teens to Lake Compounce, Connecticut

It is not an easy task to plan a family day with teens that keeps parents and kids happy. As part of Lake Compounce’s Summer Blogger Program, my family was given tickets to enjoy the first day of summer at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. We laughed, screamed with thrill and had a great day together.

Read on for the top 5 reasons Lake Compounce is the perfect place to visit this summer with teens.

1. Roller Coasters at Lake Compounce

The park has five roller coasters, ranging from a small kid’s one to the crazy loops of the Zoomerang.

The tall wooden coaster when you first enter the park, The Wildcat, is one of the oldest rides in the park and one of the oldest wooden roller coasters still in use in the world. Did you know Lake Compounce is celebrating its 177th year this summer and this ride opened in 1927?!


All four of us agreed that the Boulder Dash was our favorite roller coaster at Lake Compounce. This wooden roller coaster zooms through the trees. I was afraid to try it because you can’t see the majority of the ride before you get on. I am so glad I got over my fear because this is definitely one of my favorites I have ridden, ever. It goes very fast, but not upside down. It was a ride that the whole family could easily agree on.

Boulder Dash

2. So You Can Win a Stuffed Animal for your Kids One Last Time

Their childhoods are going by way to fast for me. My 13-year-old was very excited to try to win a prize at many of the game booths. We also loved the innocent fun of the bumper cars, the silly creepy shooting ride/game Ghost Hunt and taking in the view from the Ferris wheel. Because we came on a day without many lines due to rain in the morning, we also obsessively rode the flume five times in a row!

3. To Eat Yummy Fair Foods

Lake Compounce Coupons

Lake Compounce has foods from some fun chains, such as Pink’s Hot Dogs and Johnny Rockets, but also many choices for treats.

Growing up in California funnel cakes were my treat of choice at my childhood amusement parks. Living back each east now, I usually find fried dough, but still prefer funnel cakes, their more crispy cousins. Lake Compounce has funnel cakes. You can even get it covered in a cookies and cream sundae!

4. To Spend Family Time Together

Lake Compounce Promo Code
This is as much of a smile as we usually get out of our oldest, but he had a fabulous day!

This is actually the top reason you should visit Lake Compounce with your teens. Being the parents of teens can be tough. We are pulled in a lot of directions by activities, sports and video games. It can be hard to find activities that we all are excited about. Our day at Lake Compounce was one of the most stress-free we have shared this year and we are all grateful for it.

5. You can save $5 off each ticket with this Lake Compounce discount code!

Just follow this link to buy your tickets.

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