Foodie Love

 A wonderful meal and blending wine at Jonathan Edward's Vineyard in North Stonington, CT.
A wonderful meal and blending wine at Jonathan Edward’s Vineyard in North Stonington, CT.

I am a foodie. I have foodie in my blood.  Although I was born in this country,  my grandfather, Fortunado Italiane’s family came from Pallazo Adriano on Sicily. Italians can eat and they really appreciate their food. Family dinners have many courses and any food eaten in a restaurant was passed around so that one can try everything.  My grandfather would talk at breakfast about what he was dreaming about eating for lunch, lunch at dinner and at dinner for his next day’s eating plans.  I was exposed early to foods from many places.

I love to cook. My food is not always pretty, but is always tasty and generally easy to make. I’m the queen of the couple ingredient recipe that is always requested to be brought again to the party.

But mostly, I love to dine out. I love the variety of it and love finding and sharing great restaurants. My favorite foods involve butter, cheeses and chocolate, but I also love seafood, vegetables, a great filet mignon-there are really few foods I don’t like. I love a great glass of wine, but especially port wine!

If you liked it, please share it. Thank you!

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