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If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I love books that inspire me to travel. The Faroe Islands have long been high on my travel bucket list. Bloomsbury Publishers offered me a copy of Treasured Islands: The explorer’s guide to over 200 of the most beautiful and intriguing islands around Britain by Peter Naldrett.

The book goes into detail about each of these 200 islands, including ones you have heard of, like the Isles of Sky and Wight to unpopulated islands such as Two Tree Island. It is an enjoyable read with snippets that are small enough to keep you interested. The book includes color pictures and highlights of each island, often including how to visit them. It definitely gave me a good start on planning my trip to the Faroes. And since I love the water, islands, and birds, it added many more spots to my wish list.

Here is what Bloomsbury has to say about the book:

“From remote, lost worlds to famous and popular holiday spots, the British Isles includes some 194 inhabited islands along the UK’s coastline. Informative and entertaining, Treasured Islands is a comprehensive travel guide that highlights the best spots for foodies, wildlife enthusiasts, and adrenaline-junkies. Peter Naldrett explores the most beautiful and interesting islands from the northernmost tip of Scotland to the south coast of England, including the islands where the poet Williams Butler Yeats found inspiration and where Star Wars: The Last Jedi was filmed. He includes must-see attractions, picturesque nature spots, local food specialties, sporting activities, the best places to stay and eat, and transportation to and from nearby islands and the mainland. Illustrated with beautiful color photography, Treasured Islands captures the magical essence of the British Isles and offers wonderful inspiration for travelers looking for a unique travel experience.”

The publisher is also offering to send a free book to a lucky reader! So if you need some travel inspiration, want to remember a trip you have taken to one of the islands surrounding Britain, or need to do some vicarious travel through reading this book, be sure to enter the random drawing below.

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