Ten of the Best New England Hikes for Families


Best Hikes in New England

I am an active mom of three boys. To keep us healthy and spend quality time together, we love to get out into our surrounding area by hiking. With mountains, forests, and varied coastlines, New England has so much to offer. Whether you want a long hike in the woods or a short hike along the ocean, these are some of the best hiking spots in New England. Read on to find the perfect hike to meet your family’s needs.

My Family’s Favorite New England Hikes

1. Purgatory Chasm, Sutton, Massachusetts

Hiking trails in Massachusetts
Being silly while doing some family bouldering in Fat Man’s Misery, Purgatory Chasm in Massachusetts. One of hiking’s benefits is uninterrupted family time.

Purgatory Chasm is definitely my boys’ favorite and the hike that they ask to repeat over and over. They love that it can involve a fair amount of bouldering! If you aren’t up for the thrill of that, you can scramble over the bottom of the gully. This hike may be scary or too difficult for small kids. Read more about our hiking at Purgatory Chasm.

2. Kent’s Point, Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod has some of our best shorelines, and this 1.5-mile easy hike will take you by it, as well as on a pond. If you are lucky that day, you can also spot a great blue heron.

3. Lonesome Lake, Lincoln, New Hampshire

New England hiking trails, hiking trails in NH
The marshes at Lonesome Lake, New Hampshire.

Lonesome Lake is a full day hike up to an ATP cabin where you can enjoy lunch on top of the mountain with a gorgeous view of the Lake. I especially enjoy the beauty of the marshes along the lake. Read on for more of our favorite family hikes in New Hampshire.

4. Stepping Stone Falls, Arcadia Management Area, Rhode Island

Although this hike can be tricky to find, the small continuous falls along this short hike are a perfect place to take little kids to interact with nature.

5. Talcott Mountain, Simsbury, Connecticut

hiking trails in Ct

Climbing up to Hublein Tower provides one of my favorite views of New England in the fall. You can see all the way into Massachusetts! Read on for more of my favorite New England fall activities.

6. Flume Gorge, Lincoln, New Hampshire

Covered bridges, caves for exploring, waterfalls, and mountain views all found along a natural chasm- the perfect recipe for a New Hampshire family day in nature.

Read on for more hikes around Lincoln, New Hampshire.

7. Tumbledown Mountain, Franklin County, Maine

Hiking trails in Maine
Tumbledown Mountain is one of the prettiest places I have been to in New England!

We are big fans of the granite stone walls and coniferous beauty of western Maine. It is not easy, but this spectacular full-day hike will give you an overview of what this area of New England has to offer. Read on for all the details about climbing Tumbledown Mountain.

8. Elmore Mountain, Elmore, Vermont

A 4.4-mile moderate hike ending in a climb up a fire tower for spectacular views of Vermont’s scenery.

9. Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown, Rhode Island

hiking trails in RI
Hanging Rock at the end of Norman Bird Sanctuary’s trail provides a scenic view of Newport.

As the name implies, you can catch a glimpse of some unique bird species, but this family-friendly hike also ends with a view of Second Beach in Newport. It is an excellent blend of forest, wildlife, and coastline.

10. Cadillac Mountain Summit Path, Acadia National Park, Maine

This US National Park is one of my favorites, and the view from this short paved path is unbelievable, so it tops my list!

Read about the best way to spend a fall weekend in Acadia National Park.

What are your favorite New England Hikes? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

For more information, check out my hiking category of posts or check out A Local’s Guide to New England.

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  1. I like hiking with my kids. My boys are still small, so we go on shorter hikes, but I am looking forward to the days of longer excursions. #client


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