Why My Family Loves All Four Seasons in Lincoln, New Hampshire!

Loon NH AttractionsDoes your family have a vacation spot that you return to year after year? You get to know the area and it feels like a second home. For my family, that place is Lincoln, New Hampshire. This little town in the White Mountains is big enough to have tons to do, but not as tourist-saturated as some New Hampshire towns. The town feels like a family ski town, much like Breckenridge, Colorado. It is neither fancy, nor stuffy, but has all the conveniences I desire. And it is convenient for much of New England, as it is only about 2 hours north of Boston. It is centrally located and the perfect jumping point for exploring the White Mountains.

Things to do in Lincoln, NH in winter

Loon Mountain

Lincoln is a ski town built around Loon Mountain, so you can imagine it is quite busy in winter. It is an ideal family ski mountain with a wonderful ski school, plenty of black diamonds for the brave amongst us and even a park for the snow boarders.

Things to do in Lincoln NH in winter Things to do in the white mountains in winter.
Independence Weekend at Loon in New Hampshire.

If you are here on Martin Luther King day weekend, be sure to join the staff in celebrating Independence Weekend. If you are thinking it is not July 4th in winter, this is a different Independence Day. The resort has been celebrating independence from weather since the invention of snow-making machines. It is quite a unique site to see the nighttime parade of torch bearers on skis followed by a firework show over the slopes.

On days that it is frigidly cold and we don”t want to spend a whole day out on the mountain, the snow tubing at Loon is my favorite that I have been to anywhere. There is a small slope at the foot of the mountain for the little ones, but the big slope at the top is where the real fun is. You get to experience the beauty of a ski lift to travel to the top of Little Sister where you collect your inner tube, complete with breaks and a steering mechanism and zoom on down the groomed tubing trail. Since they limit the number of users per hour, it is thrilling, but not crazy-busy like many places that offer tubing around New England.

Lincoln Woods State Park

Lincoln NH attractions

If you are in the mood for snow shoeing or cross-country skiing, this park, only about 20 minutes north of Lincoln is the place to go. This trail head is the entrance to the Pemigewasset Wilderness, the largest in the northeast. It leads to many AT trails and waterfalls, so a good spot to hit in the summer too.

My favorite spot at this place is just magical in the winter. If you turn down the first path to the left you will come to an incredible suspension bridge spanning over the Pemigewasset River. This is a fabulous vantage point for watching the winter waters rush and the ice clinging to the shore.

The Ice Castles in Lincoln

Fun things to do in New England
Dancing fountain at Lincoln’s Ice Castles

You have probably seen pictures of the ice castles around. They are in Lincoln! These crowded man-made icicle castles are touristy, but the way light passes through ice is so pretty that I return every year. The kids love to slide down the ice tubes and it is the perfect setting for next year’s Christmas picture.

Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow in NH.

North Conway is about an hour away, but that is the perfect excuse to enjoy a Sunday brunch at the White Mountain Hotel over looking the mountains before taking a sleigh ride around the grounds of Farm by the River.

Summer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Summer hiking in the White Mountains

My family’s favorite thing to do in the summer is to hike. The White Mountains have so many fabulous spots to go whether you are a day-trekker or want to find a waterfall just off the Kancamagus Highway. Here are five of my family’s favorite hikes.

Amusement parks for kids in the White Mountains

Family Fun in Lincoln, New Hampshire, things to do in the White Mountains New Hampshire
A train ride along the Pemigewasset River at Clark’s Trading Post.

One big reason that families flock to this area in the summer is to visit one of our amusement parks. They all remind me of going to a similar park in Big Bear, California growing up.

Story Land

Based on fairy tales and located in Glen, NH Story Land is perfect for families with young kids (1-8). It is not open in the winter months.

Santa’s Village

Although it sounds like it would only be sufficient for young kids, Santa’s Village in Jefferson kept my kids happy even once they had outgrown Story Land because of the rides. It even has a decent water park. Christmas is one of my favorites times of the year, so revisiting it in the summer (Christmas in July) makes me pretty happy as well. Although it isn’t open all winter, it is open for the holidays- the perfect place to get your pictures with Santa taken.

Clark’s Trading Post

My kids still enjoy this park in Lincoln as preteens. It started with a trained bear show and a railroad train, but is now full of a larger eclectic mix of unique experiences such as Segwaying through the forest.

Fall in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Family things to do in Lincoln New Hampshire
Bridge over the Harvard River

I wrote a whole article about how much I love Lincoln in the fall!

Where to stay in Lincoln, New Hampshire

I am lucky and stay with a good friend and her family, but if you need a hotel you can find New Hampshire family resorts and many other great hotels here. The town is pretty small, so anything within the limits will be close enough to the action. If you are skiing at Loon, it is extra convenient to find a slope side resort or one with a shuttle. We never have a problem utilizing Loon’s free parking though.

Where to eat in Lincoln, New Hampshire

The Common Man Restaurant

Kids will love perusing through old comic books at The Common Man in Lincoln, NH>

If you have traveled to New Hampshire with me on my Instagram Stories, you know I rarely visit the state without a visit to this kitschy restaurant set in restored barns.

Gypsy Cafe Restaurant

This is actually a new find for me, but one we loved the second we walked in. It is more modern and eclectic than the normal rural or dated places in town. The staff in this colorfully crunchy cafe decorated by local artists are very friendly and accommodating. And the menu… our favorite things so far are the salmon burger and brie grilled cheese fondue. And this is very exciting… they take reservations… although you may want to book them well in advance.

Sunny Day Diner

Where to eat in Lincoln, NH
The homemade Hollandaise sauce at Sunny Day Diner makes for a scrumptious Eggs Benedict.

If you try to get breakfast in season in Lincoln on the Kancamagus Highway, you are likely in for a long wait. There are two places, the food is fine and the lines are long. But, if you go just a few blocks away and right next door to Clark’s, you will find the delightful Sunny Day Diner. As you may guess, it is in an old-fashioned dinner car. And as my experience has gone in diner cars, the food is surprisingly good! But be sure to bring cash and don’t tell too many of your friends… I don’t want to wait next time I am in town, because I am sure I will be back to this place.

Chutter’s Candy Counter

Every time we visit my kids insist on going to the long candy counter at Chutter’s in Lincoln. I am a dentist, but who can say no to fill your own bags of most every candy one could dream of? The ccandy counter at the shop in Littleton, only about half an hour north, is the longest in the world. We need to get there and check it out.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Lincoln or any suggestions of your own, Enjoy your time in the White Mountains!

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5 thoughts on “Why My Family Loves All Four Seasons in Lincoln, New Hampshire!”

  1. We are going to loon this weekend and planning where to go, since it’s mud season, it’ll be cloudy on sat ,
    What would you recommend us do that day? My daughter is 8 and my son 4…. base on your post
    Maybe sabbaday fall? Or do you think it’ll be too wet?
    My Husband think it’s too cold to bike but I was thinking bike trail will definitely not muddy. Kids can use their scooter with us running after them tho there are a lot of up and down hills which they may need to walk it then scooter… or bring their bikes anyways?

    • Sabbaday Falls is an easy hike, but the trail is dirt, so it may be a bit slippery. Lower Falls is the flattest trail. They are close to each other, so you could check them both out. They might also enjoy the tubing at Loon if it’s still open. Enjoy.

      • Thank you for the recommendation. It is beautiful in the winter, the fall was still frozen. The trail was a bit icy and slippery, but we made it. Wish we had the spikes under our shoes. It was the perfect hike with our four year old son tho he got tired at the end.


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