Birds of Rhode Island and Where to See Them

Do you ever walk along listening to bird songs? Before recently, I always enjoyed the songs but hadn’t put a lot of thought into what birds were making the sounds. I started bike riding with my son (check out my list of best bike trails in Rhode Island) and started taking the time to notice the birds (a positive from the quarantine). I also put a few bird feeders around my yard.

There are multitudes of bird species in Rhode Island (over 127), both sea and land, common and uncommon. They are subtle and glorious in their songs and appearances.

We also have some great Audobhan Trails set aside just to be at one with the birds in nature.

Read on to learn about common birds of Rhode Island, which birds are found in Rhode Island, and where to go to find Rhode Island’s birds. Many of these birds can be found throughout the state, but I will let you know where I found them. I will update this post as I experience more birds in Rhode Island.

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